What Does the Word Root GRAPH Mean? (Check these 6 words)

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What Does the Word Root GRAPH Mean?

The word root GRAPH is very common in English. Why learn what graph means? To unlock the understanding to numerous words thus strengthening your English vocabulary. So, follow the transcript closely.

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Today we are going to look at words with the root GRAPH. We will examine the origin and definition and after that, some illustrated sentence examples.

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Firstly, the origin. The word root GRAPH comes from a Greek word meaning “writing”, “writer”.
There are numerous words in English that contain the root GRAPH.
Therefore, always look for a connection with writing when trying to understand the meaning.
Here are some of the most common examples . . .

The Illustrated Sentence Examples

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geography: a study of the physical features of the earth. Literally: writing about the physical characteristics of the earth

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The first picture shows a Sherpa guide in the mountains of Nepal.
This sentence example reads:
“Thankfully, our Sherpa guide Ang Kami, was thoroughly familiar with the geography of the glacier.”

In other words, the Sherpa guide was very knowledgeable about the physical characteristics of the area.

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Secondly, calligraphy: the art of decorative handwriting, handwritten lettering

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In the picture we see some decorative writing in the Persian script.
The sentence example reads:
Nastaliq is a beautiful style of calligraphy still used today in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Next is the word photography. The process of producing images on light sensitive surfaces, literally: writing on a light sensitive surface

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The picture shows a little girl taking a photograph with a Praktica camera. For instance –
Sentence example:
She became interested in photography at an early age.

That is to say, she developed a love for photography from childhood.

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To clarify, Digital Photography is now used to describe the process of capturing and storing images electronically, rather than on film. Instead of writing on a light sensitive surface, it uses light sensitive image sensors. These convert light into an electrical signal.

3 More Examples . . .

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Next we have autograph: a person’s signature in their own handwriting

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The picture shows two boys holding out a baseball with a pen to try and get their favourite players to sign.
This sentence example reads:
These two boys patiently waited to get autographs from their favourite players.

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The next word is paragraph: a section of writing usually centered on one topic

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This photograph shows a letter with a very long opening paragraph.
The sentence example reads:
To make it easier for your reader to understand you, it is usually best to avoid long paragraphs!

That is to say, short paragraphs contribute to clearer understanding.

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After this we have the word graphite: a form of carbon

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The picture shows a cluster of pencils.
Sentence example:
Pencil leads are made of graphite.

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Then there is the word graph: a diagram showing the relation between different variables

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The picture shows a screenshot from a webmaster’s Google Analytics account.
This sentence example reads:
Google Analytics provides webmasters with a variety of graphs and charts to help them analyse their web site traffic.

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Finally there is the word autobiography: an account of a person’s life written by that person

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In the picture we can see the front cover of Hillary Clinton’s book “Living History”.
The sentence example reads:
Hillary Clinton’s autobiography sold over 1 million copies during its first week of release in 2003.

In conclusion . . .

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To sum up, remember: The word root GRAPH is all about writing. When you see this word root, look for a connection between the word, and something written.

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In conclusion, now you know what the word root GRAPH means, most importantly, look for other examples in your conversation or reading today.

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