USGS Parameter Group Data Types Start Date End Date
Biological Water-quality 1974-07-11 1979-10-18
Information Water-quality 1974-08-08 2020-06-18
Inorganics, Major, Metals Water-quality 1945-11-26 2020-06-18
Inorganics, Major, Non-metals Water-quality 1945-11-26 2020-06-18
Inorganics, Minor, Non-metals Water-quality 1972-10-12 1999-06-02
Inorganics, Minor, metals Water-quality 1972-10-12 1999-06-02
Microbiological Water-quality 1972-10-12 2020-06-18
Nutrient Water-quality 1945-11-26 2020-06-18
Organics, PCBs Water-quality 1974-07-11 1979-10-18
Organics, other Water-quality 1972-10-12 1981-08-12
Organics, pesticide Water-quality 1974-07-11 1979-10-18
Physical Daily Values, Unit Values, Water-quality 1939-10-01 2023-08-30
Population/Community Water-quality 1974-08-08 1979-10-18
Radiochemistry Water-quality 1980-10-29 1981-06-18
Sediment Water-quality 1975-09-19 2020-06-18
n/a Peak Measurements 1905-08-01 2022-03-31
n/a Site Visits 1939-10-03 2023-08-10
n/a USGS Annual Water Data Reports Site 2006-01-01 2022-01-01

Monitoring location 07060500 is associated with a Stream in Izard County, Arkansas. Current conditions of Discharge, Gage height, Precipitation, and more are available. Water data back to 1905 are available online.

Metadata Element Location Metadata Metadata Code
Agency U.S. Geological Survey USGS
Site identification number 07060500 n/a
Site name White River at Calico Rock, AR n/a
Site type Stream ST
DMS latitude 360700 n/a
DMS longitude 0920835 n/a
Decimal latitude 36.11666667 n/a
Decimal longitude -92.1430556 n/a
Latitude-longitude method Mapping grade GPS unit (handheld accuracy range 12 to 40 ft) G
Latitude-longitude accuracy Accurate to + or – 10 sec. T
Latitude-longitude datum North American Datum of 1983 NAD83
Decimal Latitude-longitude datum North American Datum of 1983 NAD83
District Arkansas 05
State Arkansas 05
County Izard County 065
Country US n/a
Land net location description SENES 22T 17N R 11W 5 n/a
Name of location map n/a
Scale of location map n/a
Altitude of Gage/land surface 316.38 n/a
Method altitude determined Level or other surveyed method. L
Altitude accuracy .01 n/a
Altitude datum National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 NGVD29
Subbasin hydrologic unit 11010004
Drainage basin n/a
Topographic setting n/a
Flags for instruments at site NNNNYNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN n/a
Date of first construction n/a
Date site established or inventoried n/a
Drainage area 9980 n/a
Contributing drainage area n/a
Time Zone abbreviation CST n/a
Site honors Daylight Saving Time Y n/a
Data reliability n/a
Data-other GW files NNNNNNNN n/a
National aquifer n/a
Local aquifer n/a
Local aquifer type n/a
Well depth n/a
Hole depth n/a
Source of depth data n/a
Project number n/a

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