Young Sheldon spoilers follow.

Young Sheldon is set to deal Sheldon Cooper a devastating blow in this week’s episode after his hero Isaac Asimov passes away.

The iconic sci-fi and Foundation author passed away in 1992, and in tonight’s (April 14) US episode, we see the impact it has on the youngster, as he is also left shocked that Connie is unaware of who the writer was.

“He was a personal hero [to Sheldon],” show co-creator Steve Molaro explained to TVLine. “And on a more emotional note, Meemaw’s husband, Sheldon’s Pop-Pop, is the person who gave Sheldon his first Asimov book when he was 5, so that’s another connection that he has to this author, and he’s troubled by his death.”

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However, Molaro went on to explain that Asimov’s passing marks a more specific timeline on the series than fans have previously seen.

“It’s very obvious when Asimov died. You can’t bend the truth on that one,” he added, revealing that “it’ll come up here and there, and we’re certainly aware of it”, especially in regards to pop culture references and lore regarding George Sr’s apparent infidelity and death.

Molaro continued: “We’re in 1992 and we’re always conscious of [what we reveal], but we try to keep it vague. If someone doesn’t need to say it, then we don’t. We don’t need to say the exact month or year that we’re in, but we’re also not shying away from it.”

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However, he did note that “because these are stories being told from a present-day storyteller that take place about 30 years ago, there’s a certain amount of leeway [that we have]”.

“It’s not like Adult Sheldon has decided to sit down and tell us one story a week that happened exactly 30 years ago,” Molaro said of the timescale related to events of The Big Bang Theory.

“So you can have a stretch of stories that all take place over one week. We can slow things down when we need to, but also honour some sort of realistic timeline.”

The Big Bang Theory aired on CBS in the US. You can buy the complete boxset now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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