What Radius Map Tells You About Your Business

We cannot deny the fact that maps are one of the most powerful tools to analyze data. When Excel spreadsheet data is plotted on a map, viewers can immediately understand conflicting data.

Benefits of Mapping

When maps are used for data analysis, you can clearly identify:

  • The relation between each data layer set
  • How to attain goals with minimum amount of time
  • The hidden meaning in rows and columns of Excel spreadsheet
  • The relevance of the information to business operations
  • Risks and opportunities
  • New market
  • Ways to enhance customer relation

Now that we have established the importance of using this data visualization tool, it is time to understand the different types of maps and the advantages that come along in using them. Maps take a lot of form:

  • Pin map
  • Color-coded map
  • Heat map
  • Radar map
  • Territory map
  • Radius map
  • and more!

I’d like to discuss the different types of maps here in my space and the many advantages you will reap in using them.

First, let’s start with Radius Map.

What is a Radius Map?

From the past, radius maps are used to create store locators or route planners. But the effectivity of the map’s performance is so intense that many organizations have start using the radius map for different reasons. Radius map usually shows 2 (or more) sets of data. The first one can be the center-point of the radius circle while the second one can be plotted inside the circle. These maps can be generated in seconds.

In a nutshell, radius map is used to understand the spatial connection between Excel spreadsheet data sets. By using this type of map, users can focus more only on that particular area and identify what lies within the radius circle.

Data Analysis and Radius Map

When used in data analysis, radius maps help significantly in attaining high business efficiencies. The information contained within the circle can be actionable insights that play an integral role for decision making and business planning. Radius maps can also be presented in meetings to show areas of opportunities in sales and marketing.

The Many Benefits of Radius Map

Strategic Planning

Without the aid of location analytics, any business plans will be futile. Companies understand the geographic information on their business and then create a strategic plan based on that understanding. The use of radius map is highly important in business language, Without proper knowledge on market potentials by geography, any strategic plans will be likened to hitting after the wind.

Location Awareness

Radius maps are widely used to increase awareness of locations. For instance:

  • Sales team uses a radius map to identify customers to visit for effective route planning.
  • Marketing team uses radius map to tap new leads for different marketing campaigns.
  • Organizations use radius map to identify donors, or follow-up on an on-going program. o
  • Hospitals and medical clinics use radius maps for information dissemination.
  • Retail chain stores analyze their competitors by using a radius map.
  • Companies looking for business expansion.

Focus Planning

Do you have 2 or more stores within a 20 mile radius? Avoid client cannibalization by using a radius map! Is there any other potential areas where the other store can be transferred – somewhere with prospect customers or with fresh new market.

Spot Trends

Excel spreadsheet may at times bring too much information at a first glance. The good thing about radius map is that it does not make the users experience information overload. Radius maps help to spot patterns that may be previously overlooked. These trends may be existent in one region but not on the other regions. So, a tailor-fit business plan can be created – something that will definitely produce good results.

Optimize Driving Routes

Logistics business usually face difficulties when it comes to optimizing driving routes. But thanks to radius maps, this will no longer be a problem. Enjoy minimum fuel costs because the map can show the different routes to take, and how to optimize driving time. The map will show you the distribution centers nearby, cutting the driving time in half.

Enhance Customer Relationship

The age-old adage that says, “make new friends but keep the old” rings true to companies that use radius maps Pay your customers a sales visit and ignite their interest in doing business (again!) with you. Within the radius circle, you’ll find out which customers to visit.

Mapline users can draw radius maps in a few seconds. Create your radius map today and reap all the great benefits!

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