The URHEALTH™ LX201 Infrared Thermometer is intended for YOUR HEALTH and those that you care for. This is a non-contact thermometer which helps to keep you and your family safe by avoiding cross-contamination. The readings are SUPER FAST and gets you what you need almost instantly. No need to wash the thermometer in between or wait minutes for you to get the results. Save time and get accurate readings with this thermometer. For elevated temperatures or a fever, our thermometers notify the user that there is an abnormal reading. The URHEALTH™ LX201 Infrared Thermometer can be used for all ages (for adults, parent/guardian should take the measurements). This model is great for putting into your bag and taking it for travel and taking with you at any time. This thermometer fits your needs in the home, hospital, office, or whatever setting that you need to use it.

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  • EASY TO USE & FAST: Minimalist design making this thermometer very easy to use. One button forehead or surface temperature measurement, results are displayed in 1 second. Just press the button and see the RESULTS!
  • SAFE: Non-contact thermometer to avoid possible contamination from others. This device can be used for any age range: babies, infants, kids, adults, seniors.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: This thermometer will let you know when something just isn’t right. You will see a change in the visual display, along with an audio alert notifying you when there is and abnormally high temperature.
  • DISPLAY: Large HD LCD screen with green backlight for easy reading in either °F/°C. With this large LCD screen, results can be clearly seen when taking temperatures at night.
  • DESIGN: The thermometer is functional and ergonomically designed to feel good in the hand. The grip on this device makes it easy to use and the size is perfect to take with you on the go.

Measuring Body Temperature:

Make sure the thermometer shows “Body Temp”, then point the thermometer to the forehead. Keep thermometer 1-5cm away from forehead.

With the thermometer in place, Push down on the button to activate the thermometer. A simple click is sufficient.

Once you hear the beep (after 1 second), review the temperature reading on the thermometer display.

This package includes:

  • URHEALTH™ LX-201 Infrared Infrared Thermometer (Batteries Not Included)
  • Instruction Manual

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