Covers preparation for the math and verbal sections of the SAT, and gives insider tips and tricks on taking the test and boosting one’s score.

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Every year, the number of students taking the SAT rises. And every year, colleges are becoming more competitive. Throw the weakened economy into the mix, and it creates a perfect storm for Up Your Score: a book of invaluable test-taking wisdom, the only book written by “been-there-done-that” kids, the only guide that kids will enjoy using. It’s proven to work—the students who created Up Your Score all nailed the SAT and went on to the colleges of their choice, including this year’s 2,400-scoring guest editor.A guerrilla guide that’s a perfect complement (and reality check) for the student who has already tried Princeton Review or Kaplan, Up Your Score injects real-life humor and attitude into the dry business of test prep. Its vocabulary is rich and lively with examples that kids will relate to, and with proven tricks to make definitions memorable. It covers the eight main issues of math, with test-wise, problem-solving techniques. To help students ace the writing section, it addresses the 13 most important grammar rules to know. And it shows how to “psych out” the test: How to think like the SAT. How to prepare the essay in advance. The best ways to fill in answer circles and other strategies to save precious minutes. Plus, tips for maintaining concentration, why it’s always better to guess than to leave a question unanswered, and a recipe for energy-boosting Sweet & Tasty 800 Bars (and how to smuggle them into the testing hall).FREE: An iPod download to help users learn the 600 key vocabulary words.

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