Are you looking for the fix of Typeerror string indices must be integers? The main reason for this error is to access the string element using string indices. We all know that a Python string is nothing but a character array. Hence We can only use integer indices to access string elements.

Typeerror string indices must be integers ( Cause ) :

In order to understand the cause behind this error. Let’s reproduce the same with some examples. Please run the below example.

sample_str="I am learning" print(sample_str["l"])

Once we run this code we get the same error. I am attaching the screenshot for the output.

Typeerror string indices must be integers ( Solution ) :

Case 1: Simple String with char-type indices

refer to the above section where we use the wrong array indices type. Use integer as per its position it will fix the Typeerror string indices issue simply

sample_str="I am learning" print(sample_str[0])

Case 2: Iterable objects

Suppose we have a dictionary ( Python dict ). While accessing its element using the loop, We can encounter the same problem.

sample_dict = { "key1": "Value1", "key1": "Value1", "key1": "Value1" } for ele in sample_dict: print(ele["key1"])

Here is the output for the same.

If you want to access the value using the key in dict, You need to use the loop here. I am giving you an example.


Case 3: List Indices must be integers or None or have an __index__ method

While slicing any list we need to provide the element’s positional argument (Integer) rather than values of the element (str). Let’s reproduce this error to understand it better.

In order to resolve this issue, we need to provide the position of the element while slicing. For example-

sample_list=["ele1","ele2","ele3","ele4","ele5"] print(sample_list[1:3])

I hope this article must have cleared your doubt. Please feel free to comment your views on this.

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