Tunescribers is committed to paying fair print royalties for all sheet music that we resell through our Songs For Sale service.

ARE YOU THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER? You hold the copyright to this song if (a) you composed it and retained ownership of copyright, or (b) it’s in the public domain, you arranged it and retained ownership of copyright, or (c) you acquired the copyright from a previous owner. Note that you are NOT the copyright holder if you performed this song, or if you arranged a song that’s already copyrighted.

IF YOU ARE THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER: you are entitled to print royalties from all resales of this sheet music. We make a good-faith effort to identify copyright holders and pay appropriate print royalties for sheet music sales, but it’s possible that for this song we have not identified and paid you fair royalties. If so, please contact us and let us know. We will be happy to pay you industry-standard print royalties, retroactively to our first resale if any of this sheet music. If you wish, we will also remove from our Songs For Sale catalog this song and any other songs for which you hold the copyright. Just let us know.

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