Trapezoids & Kites Quiz GOOGLE FORM


This 16 question quiz includes these kinds of questions:

  • Decide whether the quadrilateral is a trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid, or kite. (3)
  • Find angle measure given consecutive angles in a trapezoid.
  • Find angle measure given base angles in an isosceles trapezoid.
  • A parallelogram is always/sometimes/never a kite.
  • An isosceles trapezoid is always/sometimes/never a trapezoid.
  • What values would make quadrilateral PQRS an isosceles trapezoid? (1 question about leg lengths, 1 question about diagonal lengths)
  • Find the length of part of a diagonal given length of the second diagonal and part of the first.
  • Find the length of the midsegment of the trapezoid.
  • What values would make quadrilateral WXYZ a kite? (1 opposite congruent angles question, 1 question about angle created where diagonals intersect, 2 questions about side lengths, 1 question about the kite’s 4th angle measure)


I posted this assignment in my Google classroom with these directions:

To complete this assignment, answer the questions on the Google Form. As you answer each question, show your work on another piece of paper. When you are done, submit the Google Form and take a picture of your work. Attach the picture of your work to this assignment in Google Classroom.


You can add this Google Form to your Google Classroom – or send students the link via your favorite platform. Student submissions will be automatically graded! No worksheets to grade! Most questions even includes generic feedback that will be automatically returned to students!

I made sure to include a “write your name” question, but you can also just collect email addresses if your school sets up google emails with each student’s name like mine does. Or you can just set it up that way to send additional feedback to students individually at your convenience.

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