Trapezoid & Kite Vocabulary GOOGLE FORM / DISTANCE LEARNING


The preview is a FREE pdf version of this assignment without an answer key.

I created this assignment to help with other concepts related to trapezoids & kites because it’s easier to explain an error to a student who understands the vocabulary I want to use! Students answer questions about vocabulary and angle pairs related to trapezoids & kites. There are no numerical answer questions on this assignment.

I started the assignment with an example for the trapezoids. Since this form is created in sections, it is only visible while students are viewing the first trapezoid & its questions. You can also choose to delete the example.

There are 5 questions about trapezoids in different orientations. Students must decide if sides are legs/bases, what the pairs of base angles are, and if those base angles are congruent. The trapezoid pictures only provide names of each vertex, parallel marks, and congruent side marks (if applicable).

There are also 5 questions about kites. For these, students only have to check the pair of opposite congruent angles. The kite pictures provide congruent side marks and sometimes diagonals.

Add this Google Form to your Google Classroom or send students the link via your favorite platform and student submissions will be automatically graded! No worksheets to grade!

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