Current high school students and first-year applicants can transfer college credit to Penn State in a number of ways, including through examination or dual enrollment programs.

Penn State encourages future applicants to challenge themselves academically by enrolling in more rigorous classes that could lead to the awarding of college credit prior to enrollment. By doing so, many first-year students are able to transfer credit to Penn State from a dual enrollment program or as a result of their performance on an examination.

To determine if you will receive Penn State credit from your high school curriculum and examinations, select from the options below:

Students have to take the examinations and meet the established guidelines in order to earn Penn State credit.

Many students have the opportunity to take college coursework while still in high school.Penn State can typically award credit from regionally accredited institutions as long as an official transcript from the college or university is submitted. Students must receive a C (2.0) or higher in the course. Learn more about transferring college credit from another institution to Penn State in our transfer student section.

Please note: Credits earned through dual enrollment programs while in high school do not typically change a student’s status as a first-year applicant.

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