It came in the mail today: the TEST INFORMATION RELEASE. If you have been following my blog or Facebook page for any length of time, you know that I am ALWAYS telling families to order their student’s test and answer key. It is only available three times a year: December, April, and June. That means we won’t have this opportunity again until December. If your student took the June test and you want to order a copy of it, click on the link below.

Click to access TestInformation_Release_orderform.pdf

But, for those of you who already have it, the question typically becomes this: Now what do I do?

Go through your student’s test and circle each question that he/she missed. The answer key is hard to make sense of, but it’s possible. Don’t mark the incorrect answer that your student chose or the correct one, just circle the number he/she missed.

Cut the test through the middle and put it into sheet protectors. This will always allow you to work on a clean test without marks.

Put the test into a new binder and label it June 2018. Now, TAKE THE TEST AGAIN in the binder with a dry erase marker. Go over each missed question. See if you can get them right this time. Keep a journal or Google Doc of what concepts and questions you are missing. Keep taking old tests: this is the way to raise your score. Unbelievably, you now have the latest copy of the ACT right at your fingertips.

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