Temperature is the measure of hotness or coldness of an object. Temperature can be measured in metric units or in U.S. customary units. We can use a thermometer that has both a Celsius ( ) and a Fahrenheit ( ) scale to measure the temperature.

The following table shows the different temperatures on Celsius ( ) and a Fahrenheit ( ) .


Fahrenheit ( )

Celsius ( )

Normal Human Body Temperature
Room Temperature
Water Boils
Water Freezes

Metric Units

In metric unit, temperature is measured in degrees Celsius ( ). The Celsius scale is also called the centigrade scale since it’s divided into degrees. The Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius who developed Celsius temperature scale.

U.S. Customary Units

In the customary unit, temperature is measured in degrees Fahrenheit ( ). The physicist Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit who named Fahrenheit ( ) in .

The thermometers on the above figure show the water freezes at or and boils at or .

To convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius, use the formula and for Celsius to Fahrenheit is .

For Example, the lowest recorded temperature in Oklahoma is on February , . Find the temperature in degree Celsius.

The expression to convert a temperature in Fahrenheit to degree Celsius is .

To convert to degree Celsius, first replace with .

Next, multiply.

Now, divide.

Therefore, the temperature in degrees Celsius is .

Note : The Kelvin( ), a unit of thermodynamic temperature, is the of the absolute temperature of the triple point of water.

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