As one of the most beloved singers in the R&B and Hip Hop scene, SZA, for the most part, remains relatively unproblematic. She’s Top Dawg Entertainment’s “love & light” energy, but on Tuesday (March 2), one of SZA’s fans called her out for allegedly spreading a few untruths. Not only did the fan claim that SZA has regularly fibbed throughout her career, but the fan also created a Twitter thread where they detailed several inconsistencies.

SZA Fan Accuses Singer Of Lying About Personal Details, Pulls Receipts

First, the person brought up SZA recently asking the public for television recommendations because she’s never owned one. The fan posted a photo of SZA sitting in front of a TV. Then, there was the fact that SZA allegedly said she’s “not a cake or pie person” but was enjoying a birthday cake, and the person also mentioned that SZA claimed her freckles were natural but the fan alleges they were “fake” and “badly drawn.”

The fan mentioned SZA’s claims that her hair is real before addressing the rumors about Drake. “Rumors came out that Drake messed with Sza when she was minor,” the person wrote. “She had to come out and clear up some things so people wouldn’t think she was a minor but all this did was reveal she’s been lying about her age. She claimed to be born in 1991 but her EP has her birth year [1989].”

There were also some mentions about SZA’s diet, as the singer stated she can’t go vegan because she’s allergic to “most fruits and vegetables.” SZA also faces accusations that she lied about obtaining a degree in marine biology from an Ivy League school, but the fan wrote SZA “went to Delaware State and flunked out [crying face emoji] she didn’t graduate… Whole time… she was just a stripper studying marine biology in school [crying face emoji].” Check it all out below.

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