What do I do on Exam day?

Listed below is your AP Testing Schedule:

Students must check in 45 minutes before their exam begins.

  • For an 8:ooam test, students must arrive at 7:15am
  • For an 12:00pm test, students must arrive at 11:15am

LATE STUDENTS will NOT be allowed to enter the testing area once the test begins.

Students testing in multiple classrooms will be notified this week with their room assignments.


Do I go to class on the day that I take my AP EXAM?

NO, we will excuse your absence on test day. Your main focus is to be ready to take the test. If your test finishes before school ends, you will be excused and dismissed to go home.

What things do I bring to the AP EXAM?

  • SOH ID or any form of ID – you will not be allowed in without it.
  • We will provide students with No. 2 pencils and black and blue pens
  • An acceptable calculator(link to list) if your AP Exam allows the use of a calculator.
  • You can also check THIS LINKfor more info on calculators.


  • Electronic equipment including phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, wearable technology, cameras, recording or listening devices, or any other type of electronic or communication device.
  • Books, reference guides, notes, compasses, protractors, mechanical pencils, pencils that are not No. 2, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, or colored pencils.
  • Scratch paper: scratch paper will be provided by the proctor if needed.
  • Smart watches, Watches that beep, make a noise, or have an alarm.
  • Computers or calculators that are not approved.
  • Reference guides, keyboard maps, or other typing instructions.
  • Ear pods, earphones, ear plugs.
  • Clothing or shoes with subject-related information.
  • Food or drink.

Click HERE for the CB information page regarding this.

What if I can’t take my test or I don’t show up?

  • A $40 fee per exam will be added for any “Unused” test on test day.

Please see Mr. Quintero (AP Coordinator) if you have any questions.

Sergio Quintero

Assistant Principal

Southwest High School

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