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Which statement about cellular respiration is true?

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Which of the following are true statements regarding cellular respiration


Which statement about cellular respiration is true?It produces oxygenIt requires waterIt is used by every living coll,It converts energy to food,


which statement most accurately describes the process of respiration


Which of the following is true of cellular respiration but not of photosynthesis? Cellular respiration releases energy from glucose. Cellular respiration releases oxygen gas as a product. Cellular respiration is a process in which glucose is formed. Cellular respiration requires carbon dioxide and water as reactants.


Which statement summarizes the changes that occur to energy in cellular respiration?


In this question they are asking which of the following statements are true about c 3 and c 4 plans right. So the first option, they’re saying a ciciplant, is most successful. Not playing this statement is false. See 4 plants have a special mechanism: special mechanism to reduce the loss of energy due to competitive inhibition of r. U b, b by oxygen and c o 2 right so see 4 plants. They have special croms…

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