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Julianne Zedalis, John Eggebrecht

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Chapter 8, Problem 5

Answered step-by-step

What are two major products of photosynthesis?

a. chlorophyll and oxygenb. oxygen and carbon dioxidec. stromad. thylakoids

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What two main products result from photosynthesis?
a. oxygen and carbon dioxide
b. chlorophyll and oxygen
c. sugars/carbohydrates and oxygen
d. sugar…


What two main products result…


What two products result from photosynthesis?
a. water and carbon dioxide
b. water and oxygen
c. glucose and oxygen
d. glucose and carbon dioxide


What are the reactants and products of photosynthesis?


Okay, So it’s good to know the equation for photosynthesis, and that’s gonna consist of carbon dioxide and water. And then, with the help of some sunlight, the products will then be should air. It’s a six carbon and oxygen. If we wanted to be a little bit more precise here, we would have it. Six of US marshals, except for the sugar. And so So just make a note under this one, and this is a sugar, and you should be familiar with the other ones. And of course, in…

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