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Steven S. Zumdahl, Susan A. Zumdahl, Donald J. DeCoste

10 Edition

Chapter 8, Problem 21

Answered step-by-step

Some plant fertilizer compounds are $\left(\mathrm{NH}_{4}\right)_{2} \mathrm{SO}_{4}, \mathrm{Ca}_{3}\left(\mathrm{PO}_{4}\right)_{2}$ $\mathrm{K}_{2} \mathrm{O}, \mathrm{P}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{5},$ and $\mathrm{KCl}$ . Which of these compounds contain both ionic and covalent bonds?

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Some plant fertilizer compoun…


Name the following ionic compounds, which are used as fertilizers:
(a) $\left(\mathrm{NH}_{4}\right)_{2} \mathrm{SO}_{4}(s)$
(b) $\left(\mathrm{NH}_{…


Which of the following are ionic compounds? Which are covalent compounds? $\mathrm{RbCl}, \mathrm{PF}_{5}, \mathrm{BrF}_{3}$ $\mathrm{KO}_{2}, \mathr…

Which of the following are ionic compounds and which are covalent compounds: $\mathrm{RbCl}, \mathrm{PF}_{5}, \mathrm{BrF}_{3}, \mathrm{KO}_{2}, \mat…


Which of the following have ionic bonds: $\mathrm{O}_{2}, \mathrm{NH}_{3}, \mathrm{KCl} ?$

Which compound below contains…


Which of the following compounds contain(s) no covalent bond(s)? $\mathrm{KCl}, \mathrm{PH}_{3}, \mathrm{O}_{2}, \mathrm{~B}_{2} \mathrm{H}_{6}, \mat…


The compound which contains both ionic and covalent bonds is:
(a) $\mathrm{CH}_{4}$
$\square$ (b) $\mathrm{H}_{2}$
(c) KCN
$\square$ (d) $\…


problem. 21 list several compounds that are found in fertilizers and asks which compounds contain CO Vaillant and Ionic bonds. So at first glance, um, uh, it’s sort of simple to pick out which is, uh, which is switch here from these simpler molecules remembering at Ionic bonds are typically between a metal and a non metal and CO Vaillant bonds, usually between two non metals. So, um, the sort of simpler molecules here, like potassium chloride, is a metal nonmetal pair, um potassium, uh, or die Potassium oxide here is metal nonmetal. And then, uh, die Phosphorus Penta oxide here is CO Vaillant because both phosphorus and oxygen are not medals, so that leaves us with ammonium sulfate and calcium phosphate. Um, so because calcium is…

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