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Paula Yurkanis Bruice

8 Edition

Chapter 1, Problem 57

Answered step-by-step

Rank the bonds from most polar to least polar.a. $\quad \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{O}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{F}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{N}$b. $\quad \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{Cl}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{I}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{Br}$c. $\quad \mathrm{H}-\mathrm{O}, \mathrm{H}-\mathrm{N}, \mathrm{H}-\mathrm{C}$d. $\quad \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{H}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{C}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{N}$

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List the bonds in order from most polar to least polar.
a. $\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{C}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{Si}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{Ge}$
b. $\mathrm{Si}-\m…


Rank the bonds in this molecu…


Rank each set of bonds in ord…


Which of these bonds is the most polar? The least polar?
(a) $\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{N}$
(b) $\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{C}$
(c) $\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{O}$


Which is the least polar bond: $C-S e, C=O, C 1-B r$ $\mathrm{O}=\mathrm{O}, \mathrm{N}-\mathrm{H}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{H} ?$


Which is the most polar bond?
(a) $\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{C}$
(b) C-H
(c) $\mathrm{N}-\mathrm{H}$
(d) $\mathrm{O}-\mathrm{H}$
(e) $\mathrm{Se}-\mathrm{H}$


Given the bonds $\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{N}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{H}, \mathrm{C}-\mathrm{Br}$, and $\mathrm{S}-\mathrm{O}$,
(a) Which atom in each is the mo…


The most polar bond is:
(a) $\mathrm{O}-\mathrm{H}$
(b) $\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{O}$
(c) $\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{Br}$
(d) $\mathrm{C}-\mathrm{C}$


So here we’re just looking out, ordering our bonds from the least to the most polar. So if two symptoms are close together on the periodic table than the bond would be considered very polar. However, if the two atoms are far apart on the periodic table, then they will be considered very polar when bonded together. So at least polar, we have the smallest difference in electro negativity on the…

You are watching: SOLVED:Rank the bonds from most polar to least polar. a. C-O, C-F, C-N b. C-Cl, C-I, C-Br c. H-O, H-N, H-C d. C-H, C-C, C-N. Info created by GBee English Center selection and synthesis along with other related topics.