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“Quadrilateral ABCD is inscribed in a circle.
What is the measure of angle A?
(4x + 5)’

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Quadrilateral $A B C D$ is inscribed in a circle. The ratio of $\mathrm{m} \angle \mathrm{A}$ to $\mathrm{m} \angle \mathrm{C}$ is $4: 5 .$ What is $\mathrm{m} \angle \mathrm{A} ?$A) $20^{\circ}$B) $40^{\circ}$C) $80^{\circ}$D) $100^{\circ}$


In the figure above, $\angle \mathrm{ABC}=90^{\circ}, \mathrm{AD}=15$ and $\mathrm{DC}=20 .$ If $\mathrm{BD}$ is the bisector of $\angle \mathrm{ABC}$, what is the perimeter of the triangle $\mathrm{ABC}$ ?(1) 74(2) 84(3) 91(4) 105


Given: $\overline{A S} \| \overline{B T};$$$m \angle 4=m \angle 5:$$$$\overrightarrow{S B} \text { bisects } \angle A S T$$Find the measure of $\angle 1$ .


In the figure, $\overline{A B}\|\overline{C D}, \overline{A C}\| \overline{B D},$ and $m \angle 4=118$. Find the measure of each angle. (FIGURE CAN’T COPY)$$\angle 5$$


in this given diagram, a quadrilateral A B C D. Is inscribed in a circle. This is the quadrilateral A B C. D. Which is inscribed in this circle. Therefore this quadrilateral A B C D. Is a cyclic quad election. This is a cyclic what did entered and we know that there’s some of opposed angles of a cyclic quadrilateral is equal to 1 80 degrees. Not coming to our caution here, these two angles that is angle A and angle C. Are the opposing angles of the squad election. Therefore there some will be equal to 180°. So we can write that angle A plus angle see Will be equal to 1 80°. Using this profile. Now we will substitute the values. So putting angle A here…

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