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Ray C. Jurgensen,Richard G. Brown,John W. Jurgensen

1 Edition

Chapter 8, Problem 37

Answered step-by-step

Find the length of the median of the trapezoid in terms of $j$ .

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Find the length of the median…


So we are given a trapezoid with a B S J A is also J, and some angles are given angle E A B 60 degrees angle e D. B s 45 degrees. What do you mean by media? Off it trapezoid The median off it trapezoid is line joining the mid points off non parallel sites. So this suppose if I call it as some K and this is some tea. If K is a big point off a NT is the midpoint off Bt then Katie is the length off medium. So Katie is the median. Andi, there’s a formula for median. I’m not driving that now. The formula for the median is half off, some off toe parallel sense. So it is average off toe, partly side lengths. So he’s half off. You d want Caroline said the opposite parents. It is a B half off anyplace, baby. Now our a means we already know a B. Our aim is to find Irina, so let’s find irrelevant. So what we do is withdraw to pop in Douglas from E. M. Drawing perpendicular e m onto a be on from BM drawing perpendicular being onto ET now This is Jay. Given now you know the saying it should be 30 degrees. That means strangle E M is a 30 60 90 triangle in 30 60 90 triangle. What are the ratios of these sites? One is to root, pleased to To two corresponds to 90 degrees. Route three corresponds to 60 degrees. One corresponds to 30 degrees. But I have J, which is opposite to 90 degrees. So what will I do is I just divide by do so it’s half is to three by two is 21 multiplied j throughout. Then I’ll get J. I do is to route three j by two is to J So that means this corresponds to the side opposite to…

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