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Unit 4 Ena 0l
inside cells. Respiration is a chemical reaction that happonse equation for ‘respiration. Copy and complete the word carbon dioxide Explain why it is glucose aerobic respiration. This reaction is known described as ‘acrobic’ . corrCCL. Choose the only onc 4.2 In each of these groups of statements; correct statement and write down its letter Every living cell respires. Only animal cells respire called photosynthesis. The way in which plant cells respire is dioxide: Expired (breathed out) air is carbon than inspired (breathed in) air: 8 Expired airconains more carbon dioxidc air: 2 Expired air conains morc oxygen thare inspirrd draw air into the lungs. Respiration mcans moving your muscles to betwcen the air sacs and means the diffusion of gases B Respiration the blood. from glucose, inside cells. C Respiration mcans the release of energy

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10. Which of the following is true about anaerobic respiration?A. It involves the reduction of oxygenB. It involves the oxidation of sulfateC. It involves the reduction of nitrateD. It involves the oxidation of oxygen

11. How do substances change when they are reduced?A. By the addition of an electronB. By the loss of an electronC. By the addition of protonsD. By the release of protons

12. Oxidation without an external acceptor of electrons isA. Anaerobic respirationB. FermentationC. Aerobic respirationD. Microbial respiration

15. Which of the following substances does not participate in the production of biological energy?A. AdenosineB. Adenosine triphosphateC. Adenosine diphosphateD. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

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PLEASE HELP MEE!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!There are molecules that can act as poisons because they inhibitoxidative phosphorylation. One of these molecules is amobarbital, abarbiturate that blocks Complex 1 of the Electron Transport Chain(CTE). Another molecule is 2,4-dinitrophenol, which allows theinner membrane of the mitochondria to be permeable to protons,undoing the binding relationship between CTE and oxidativephosphorylation. What effects would these molecules have oncellular respiration?1. Make a diagram of the action of one of these twomolecules on cellular respiration.2. Describe the net production of ATP from a glucosemolecule under normal conditions.3. Describe how the net ATP production from a glucosemolecule would be affected when either of these two molecules ispresent.


Arrange the following steps of respiration properly:1. Breathing or pulmonary ventilation by which atmospheric air is drawn in and $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$ rich alveolar air is released out.2. Diffusion of gases $\left(\mathrm{O}_{2}\right.$ and $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$ ) across alveolar membrane.3. Transport of gases by the blood.4. Diffusion of $\mathrm{O}_{2}$ and $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$ between blood and tissues.5. Utilization of $\mathrm{O}_{2}$, by the cells for catabolic reactions and resultant release of $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$.(a) $1,2,3,4,5$(b) $1,3,2,5,4$(c) $5,4,3,1,2$(d) $3,4,5,2,1$



Cellular Respiration worksheet1. Term for gain of electrons:_________________________ Term for loss of electrons:_________________________2. What is the molecular formula for glucose?3. Which of the 3 stages of cellular respiration occur inthe cytosol? a. glycolysis b. Krebs cycle c. Oxidative phosphorylation d. all of the above e. none of the above f. A and B g. B and C4. Which of the following describes glycolysis? a. begins the breakdown of sugar b. oxidation of glucose c. release of e- and H+ from an organic molecule d. all of the above5. Which of the following occurs during the Krebscycle? a. water is formed at the end of the electron transportchain b. a small amount of ATP is produced using an enzyme c. O2 is consumed d. it is the same thing as glycolysis 6.…

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