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To graph a linear equation you just need 2 points.
You can calculate the y-coordinate for 2 values of x,
plot the points, and connect them with a line.
I could pick and .
For –> gives point (0,-2)
For –> –> gives point (5,1)

You may be used to equations like y=2x+1,
where you knew the y-intercept is 1,
and that gave you the point with y=1 on the y-axis (where x=0).
Then you would notice that the slope is 2,
and would plot points for x=1, x=2, x=3, increasing the y-coordinate by 2 each time.

Slopes can be positive, or negative; they can be fractions too.
A slope of means that for a “run” of (as x increases by 5)
the “rise” is (the change in y is 3, y increases/rises by 3).
So for ,
from the point you would mark with y=-2 on the y-axis,
you move 5 units to the right and 3 units up top mark the next point.
Then you can repeat the same moves to mark more points,
and you can reverse them (5 left, 3 down) to go in the other direction.

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