You can put this solution on YOUR website! .this is already in form ; so,
slope ….negative slope shows us that a graph goes through II and IV quadrant mostly
since you already know one point that lies on a line, (0,7), you need one more point to plot a line:
take any value for and find coordinate; easiest way is to find , just set

I don’t know how you graph anything. I’ll tell you how I graph a straight line and then you can decide if that is the way you want to do this one for yourself.

1. Pick a value for . It can be anything you like, but generally small integers work the best to keep the arithmetic as simple as possible. Since the coefficient on in this particular problem has a 2 in the denominator, I would chose a value for that is divisible by 2.

2. Substitute the value you picked in step 1 for in your equation. Do the indicated arithmetic to arrive at a numeric value for .

3. Take the value you chose for in step 1 and the value you calculated for in step 2 and create an ordered pair

4. Plot the ordered pair you developed in step 3 on your graph paper. Remember, values are right (+) and left (-) and values are up (+) and down (-).

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for a different value of in step 1.

6. Draw a line all the way across your graph that passes through both of the points you plotted.

My calculator said it, I believe it, that settles it

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