Simplifying Expanding and Factoring Expressions

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Engage and challenge your 7th or 8th-grade students with these task cards that will help your students practice the important skills of simplifying, expanding, and factoring expressions. Best of all, there are many ways to use these cards including having your students move around the room, use them in small groups or at a math station.

This set of 24 task cards is aligned with 7th Grade Common Core Standards and will give your students practice with a variety of expression tasks including:

  • Simplifying expressions using addition properties.
  • Using the distributive property.
  • Factoring expressions using the GCF.

A student recording sheet and answer key are also included with your purchase.

Check out what other teachers are saying about these task cards:

“These are easy to use and they are very versatile! Love them, thank you!”

“Good variety of problems and I love that they get to move around while they work”

“Great rigor for 7th grade standards”

“Great resource! I loved how the cards used different sets of directions for completing the same task: simplify, factor, expand, distribute, etc. It was a great review for my students!”

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