Safe Combinations and Locations

Dying Light 2 features a number of locked safes with dial locks that you can encounter as you explore Villedor. Each of these safes hold different rewards – from mementos to Inhibitors to… rubber ducks? This page contains a list of known combination safes, where to find them, and the codes to unlock them.

Bazaar Church Tower Safe

  • Contains: Carl’s Journal #4

You can actually find this safe while undertaking the Missing Persons side quest, as the end will task you to climb up the church that makes up the Bazaar, though you can do it on your own any time.

You just need to look right from the front entrance to the church for a trail of yellow planks and handholds to circle around the church as you climb, until you can hop across to a tower and climb all the way to the top where someone’s hideout is. Here you’ll find a safe, and nearby is a poster with the safe code riddle sticking out: 5×100+15-5

The safe code for this is 5-1-0

Houndfield Church Safe

  • Contains: Inhibitor

North of the Cherry Windmill in Houndfield, you can find a small chapel with a few infected inside. Go all the way to the back of the building, on the ground floor. There is a safe here, but you need the code to open it. Move the dresser at the back of the room and enter the small, hidden room. Along with the generator for the hideout, the The Safe Code Memento is in a box beside the sleeping bag, and the combination is 1-0-1.

The First Biomarker Safe

  • Contains: The First Biomarker

Trinity – West (Trading Post Settlement)

When you accept “The First Biomarker” Side Quest at the Trading Post Settlement on the border of Trinity and Houndfield, you learn of a safe inside Saint Joseph Hospital just to the north. The combination lies in a riddle you are given:

  • What becomes small when you turn it upside down? 9
  • An odd number, take it away and it becomes even – 7
  • A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three eggs break. How many eggs are left unbroken? – 3

The Safe Code is 9-7-3.

You can find the safe along the low rooftop of the hopsital directly across from the Trading post, through an open window one floor up from the rooftop outpost. Giving the biomarker back to the quest giver will also net you an Inhibitor!

Downtown Bandit Camp Safe

  • Contains: Inhibitor

Downtown – East (Above Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp)

This Memento can be found while climbing to the Military Airdrop THB-1LO, located above the Downtown Thugs Bandit Camp. After coming across a safe, climb up into the next room to find the code for it on a table, by some orange chairs. The code for the safe is 313.

Garrison Electrical Station Safe

  • Contains: Inhibitor

Garrison – South (Garrison Electrical Station)

In Room C of Garrison Electrical Station, in the box below the safe. You can find the answer to the safe code clue below – The approximate number of Pi

The safe code is 3-1-4.

Garrison VNC Tower Safe

  • Contains: Mysterious Rubber Duck

Once the “Broadcast” Main Story Quest is completed, there will be an elevator shortcut that Aiden can take to the roof. If you are already here, or the elevator isn’t working, jump from the Broadcast Antenna to the opposite roof instead. From the south side of the roof, jump down and around (or use the Paraglider) to gain access to the small office area. The Safe Code is on the right-hand desk. You can find the solution to the safe code clue below: If You 555, Then I’m…

The Safe Code is 6-6-6, a reference to a Slipknot song.

Saint Paul GRE Trailer Safe

  • Contains: Mysterious Rubber Duck

Saint Paul Island – South (Inside GRE Trailer)

Northeast of GRE Anomaly C-A-23 located in Lower Dam Ayre, follow the street-level path, and then enter the GRE trailer on the right. The Memento is in between the files on the left-hand side shelves. There is also a powerful Artifact Weapon located in this trailer. You can find the correct solution to the safe code below.

Safe Code is 85-19-45, the date of the end of World War 2 in the European Union.

Observatory Dam Safe

  • Contains: Mysterious Rubber Duck

Nightrunner Hideout North of Observatory

On the far west side of Garrison, off the map, you can find a river and dam landmark, just to the north of the Observatory area. On the north end of the dam is a bus that has been converted into a Nightrunner’s Hideout, and a safe is inside.

The safe combination clue can be found at the top of scaffolding above the hideout, hinting at the Baptism of Poland.

The Safe Code is 9-6-6, the year Poland was baptized as a country.

Church of Saint Thomas Safe

  • Contains: Inhibitor

Saint Paul Island – East (Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle)

In the top tower of the church is a safe with an Inhibitor inside. The code for the safe is on top of this tower. Climb out the gap to the right of the safe and climb the gargoyle to access the small platform with the box containing the safe code.

The code to this safe is 4-4-4.

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