Rotational Motion AP Physics C – Full Unit Bundle

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Rotational Motion High School Curriculum. This lesson plan bundle focuses primarily on learning through doing example problems. This bundle includes: Powerpoint, Guided Notes, Homework, Review, Pacing Guide, and Assessments. These example questions reflect the exam and have been proven through my own class to have students score well on the AP Physics C Exam.

Every example problem has a Youtube video that shows how to solve each problem with tips and tricks to teach your students in the most effective way possible.

– Angular Kinematics

– Torque

– Angular Dynamics

– Angular Kinetic Energy

– Angular Momentum

– Parallel Axis Theorem

PowerPoint – 80 Slides

Homework – 3 Packets with Answers
Guided Notes – 1 Packet

Review – 1 Packet with Answers

Quizzes – 1 Packets with Answers

Test – 1 Packet with Answers


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