RNA & Protein Synthesis ~ Interactive Digital Resource for Google Drive~ Biology

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★Digital Interactive Resource★

Go paperless with this interactive resource for Google Slides™ that will help your biology students master and review RNA & Protein Synthesis concepts including Transcription, Translation, Codon Charts, base pairing, Steps of Protein Synthesis, Labeling Translation Diagram, Types and functions of RNA, RNA vs DNA, building complementary strands, and more. Students will drag movable objects and type to enter information as they solve over 70 problems on 19 interactive slides. Includes a detailed Teacher Answer Key. This resource will work well in high school biology classes, upper middle school science, and advanced biology classes as review.

✨✨✨Works great for Distance, In-person, or Hybrid Learning!✨✨✨

Slides can be added, deleted, or rearranged, but most text can not be edited.

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RNA & Protein Synthesis Concepts in this Digital Resource

◈Base Pairing

◈Types of RNA Label Diagram

◈Translation Label Diagram

◈Use Codon Chart to Translate mRNA

◈Introns & Exons

◈Steps of Protein Synthesis

◈Build Complementary mRNA Strands

◈Compare & Contrast RNA & DNA


✅Detailed Directions for Downloading and Assigning the activity

✅19 Interactive Slides

✅Animated Video Tutorial of Using Codon Chart

✅Detailed Teacher Answer Key for Each Slide

Technology Required!

***Students must have internet devices capable of using Google Slides™. This resource is no prep if you already have Google Drive or Google Classroom™ set up.
Google Classroom™ allows you to easily assign students their own copy with just a few mouse clicks (instructions included). Using Google Drive, you can easily allow students to work in small groups from one device.

★Benefits of using Google Apps★

•No copies to run

•Student work saves automatically

•Students prefer using technology. It’s engaging and familiar

•Teachers can easily monitor progress and learning

•You can review student work live and add comments

•Work can be easily assigned or finished as homework

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