AP French Resources That Will Help Your Students Succeed

AP French Curriculum Bundle

All 6 themes and 2-3 years of prep done for you to help prepare your students for the AP French exam! Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing activities related to each theme. Explores so much culture and all the subthemes of the exam. Complete lessons and engaging resources that will have your students hooked!

AP French Prep

Help prepare your students for the AP French exam. Learn about the multiple choice sections, how to write a formel email, persuasive essay, make a cultural comparison and have an informal conversation. NO prep and digital and printable files included.

AP French Science & Tech Unit

Complete Science & Technology Unit that covers 6+ weeks of content. Targets all the subthemes of this AP French thematic unit with complete lessons and resources for the teacher and students.

AP French Families in Different Societies Unit

Complete Family & Community Thematic unit that covers 8+ weeks of content. Targets all the subthemes of this AP French thematic unit with complete lessons and resources for the teacher and students.

Popular Intermediate French Resources

French Cinema Unit

Perfect French movie unit for intermediate French classes! 14 authentic resources that target French reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. 5+ weeks of content with many assessment options to choose from.

French Daily Routines

Engage your students each class with these fun and engaging routines that will get them excited to learn French. 13+ resources to last the whole year. Perfect for Intermediate French students.

Enhance Your Students’ Intercultural Awarenes

Francophonie Quiz

Have students explore francophone culture in a fun and engaging way! Francophone Trivia to the rescue! Great introduction to a francophonie unit!

Francophonie Project

Have students research a francophone country in Africa and Asia. Complete instructions, rubric and country list included! Great for a culminating task.

Quebec Trivia Game

Trivia Culture game that will have your students engaged and motivated to learn about French culture surrounding Quebec. Competitive and informative activity!

Francophonie Countries

Have students explore the 29 countries that have French as their official language. Flags, capital cities, population, fun facts and activities are included!

Enhance Your Students’ French Grammar

Find the French Mistakes

Improve your students’ French oral and written skills with this engaging activity! Students will identify common French mistakes and learn about the appropriate ways to communicate these ideas!

Le comparatif

Students will learn to compare movie actors, films and more using a variety of adjectives. Cinema themed dialogues and Theater menu reading comprehension questions are also included!

Le subjonctif

Want to teach the French subjunctive tense in context? Then this is your resource! Students will explore regular and irregular verbs through different oral and written activities. Digital and printable.

Practice the Imparfait

60 imparfait speaking and written prompts. Use these questions for speed dating, oral conversations, interviews, assessments and more! Let your students’ imagination run wild!

Engaging Games & Activities That Will Motivate Your Students

French MASH

Have your students practice French future tenses with this fun and engaging activity. Students will develop French vocabulary and practice future tenses when analyzing their results.

French Boggle Boards

Fun, competitive and engaging activity that helps strengthen French vocabulary among your students. Rules, instructions, scoring guide, pre-made boards and blank template are included!

This or That French Edition

Perfect interactive icebreaker or activity to get your students reading and speaking in French. 10 printable handouts with a vocabulary guide to help students communicate their ideas.

Find the Outlier in French

Perfect French Brain Warm Up routine to start your class. Students will analyze different themes and find the outlier amongst the other options. Great for building French vocabulary in class!

Customer Reviews

I love the flexibility of this curriculum! The language is comprehensible and my students are engaged and attempting to use the target language in class. I look forward to using more lessons from this curriculum. Merci infiniment!

Mes élèves ont pu faire le tour de la francophonie mondiale de manière intéressante et interactive. Cette unité est vraiment géniale. N’hésitez pas à l’acheter pour ouvrir le monde de la francophonie à vos élèves.

These units are worth honestly any cost. It was wonderful to have current content that was formatted to align with the AP exam format that was ready to use. Bonus for all the answer keys because that was a serious time-saver. Such a huge help.

Another amazing resource! I love that there is a presentation aspect with listening activities as well as accompanying handouts for the students. Perfect way to supplement my unit on Je me présente by introducing family members with a family tree and various types of families. Merci!

This is such an excellent resource! It gets my students speaking, and they especially love the fact that there are sentence starters to help prompt their speaking. I’ve also used these questions as conversational cards to get group discussions going, and I plan to use them for an oral interview assessment. Merci!

I loved these resources for AP. They were very engaging and they encourage students to critically think about these topics that concern their generation. It also introduced these topics from the French perspective often so students can use for their cultural comparison.

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