HUMAN GEOGRAPHY (Sixth Edition) Revised and Updated

Majid Husain

HUMAN GEOGRAPHY (Sixth Edition) Revised and Updated

Majid Husain

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Publication Year2021

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About the Book

Human Geography has been defined as the synthetic study of the relationship between human societies and their environment. The primary objective of this subject is to identify the human problems and the role of man in shaping the face of the earth.

The new edition of Human Geography is a popular textbook for geography students at the university level. It is essentially designed to introduce the discipline in a social science perspective. One of the distinguishing features of the book is that it covers a wide canvas of Human Geography. The text has been written in a lucid, cogent and convincing style, and illustrated with appropriate maps and examples from the developed and developing countries of the world. The data about the human phenomena change rapidly in space and time. In response to the changing facts of Human Geography and positive feedback from the civil services aspirants and the teachers of geography, this edition has been thoroughly revised. Documented with hundreds of maps and diagrams, dozens of tables and plates, the book shall be of immense help to the students, teachers and researchers alike. As with previous editions, the book retains its comprehensive coverage that has made it an indispensable resource for students.


•Human Geography: Nature, Approaches and Basic Concepts

•Evolution and Races of Man

•Population: World Patterns


•The Mosaic of Culture, Language, Religion and Customs

•Patterns of Development

•Human Development

•Agricultural Systems of the World

•Rural Settlements

•Urban Settlements

•Minerals and Manufacturing

•Transformation of Environment by Man

•The First People

About the Author / Editor

Majid Husain was former Professor of Geography, Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), New Delhi. Having a high degree of commitment to teaching and research, he had an unparalleled ability to simplify the difficult concepts of geography and capacity to analyze the enormous facts in a cogent manner. His books, Evolution of Geographical Thought, Agricultural Geography, World Geography, Fundamentals of Physical Geography, Models in Geography and Geography of Jammu and Kashmir are widely acclaimed and accepted as text and reference books, both in India and abroad.

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