Random Number Generator or Randomizer is a simple RNG random picker application with which you can generate a Random number, create bingo generator and phone number generator, random selector, choose a winner in a raffle generator, play board games and much more. You can use our Number Generator not only as a RNG meaning. The app works great as a raffle generator. Easy raffle generator will do everything for you!
What can you do in our App:
– Generate a Random number from any two given numbers. For example, you can pick a number between 1 and 10 randomly, or pick a number between 1 and 3. By choosing a Random number between 1 and 100, you can choose the option raffle generator no repeats. The Generator can save all settings. This is for your convenience, so next time you don’t have to set everything up again for picker. You can apply “Luck” on lucky number generator (does not affect the result). The number randomizer will guess the lottery numbers for you!
– Create a random password from: numbers, capital letters, small letters, Special characters (You can set the combination of these parameters and the password length yourself). This feature will help you in random letter generator. The App will easily give you any password
– Generates simple answers “Yes” or “No”. In case you are too lazy to make simple everyday decisions, the app will do it for you. This function will pick one option from the list.
– Select an item from the list at random. A random list generator can easily handle this task. For example, you can choose the winner of a contest using RNG, or choose a country for your vacation or something to do on the weekend. Random selection can be applied to many things, you just need imagination!
– Choose a topic for conversation. It often happens when an awkward silence appears in a conversation with a stranger or on a date. As you can see, the Random Number Generator can generate themes! RNG has a wide range of topics for people with different interests. The random selector will choose one option in lottery number generator.
– You can use our app to play games. Random generator works well for board games or team games.
– You can send the Random number gen to a friend right from the app to pick random together. There are no number fake in the app. The Numbers picker uses a complex algorithm from Java random with a random selector. For fun, you can get a random phone number for new acquaintances. You can use the application as a lottery generator
– All results and passwords generated by the random generator are completely random. The big plus of our application is that it is not just a Random Number. The application has a wide range of features, not only rng generator.
– Supported languages: Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese
If you want to help with translation into other languages, write to the mail: pdevsupp@gmail.com
Download our Random Number Generator and use it like a Randomizer or RNG. Use the Number Generator or Random Generator. Random picker will help you with bingo number generator as well as phone number generator.

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