A radius map tool allows you to create custom radius maps with only a few clicks. You can immediately create an Excel report for your location that describes the demographics and locations within your search distance.

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Radius mapping software is a tool that allows users to create and visualize maps of geographical areas based on a specified radius or distance from a central point. ZIP Code radius maps are an excellent way to explore and show market and trade areas.

You can also create driving radius maps showing the fastest time rings or the shortest distance rings. Use these maps to identify how far customers are willing to travel to your stores or to find locations that are underserved by emergency services.

An example of radius mapping software is Maptitude. You can use Maptitude to draw a radius on a map or you can use consulting services to create custom radius maps.

Maptitude has a powerful mile radius calculator that you can use to quickly determine the closest locations to a list of origins or to determine the travel costs between them (more…).

Maptitude ships with the most accurate ZIP Codes and street maps available, ensuring that your results enable you to make vastly improved business decisions than by using spreadsheets alone.

Create radius maps around one or more locations and estimate the populations within those radii

“Affordable, easy to use, but powerful”

“I work in Real Estate market analysis. Maptitude has many tools for demographic and location analysis. I can pull population data within drive bands, radius, or various other ways. I create awesome visual maps that clients love. I have also done little more complex retail gravity huff model for regional shopping centres.”

Matt Myers

The benefits of radius mapping software are that an analyst can better understand, analyze, visualize, and optimize data for business decisions.

Filter map features by radius

There are three types of radius map:

Use the Maptitude map radius tool to create ZIP Code radius maps – identify the ZIP Codes and demographics within any radius

A driving radius map can show driving distance or time rings around a location

Radius maps show circle-shaped features to indicate the distance from a central point. Examples include choropleth heat maps, which show the intensity of an area in relation to the distance from the central point, and population density maps, which show how many people live within a certain radius.

A drive time radius map with a heat style

A radius map shaded by cumulative population per ring

A map radius calculator makes it easy to find alternative service providers, backup field representatives and the nearest locations. The calculator determines the closest sales representative to each customer or the closest vendor for each store. If the nearest location is not available for reasons such as low inventory or temporary outages, you will quickly be able to choose the alternate nearest suppliers. The results are provided in a table format.

The map radius calculator identifies the distance to locations from one ore more central locations

Create color and 3D map themes illustrating radius data with the Maptitude radius mapping app

Maptitude allows you to draw a radius on a map. You can draw a radius around a location, draw a circle around a point, or draw a circular area around a set of coordinates. It also allows you to customize the size and color of your radius and can be used for a variety of applications such as route planning, boundary analysis, and market analysis. A variety of options allow you to:

The radius analysis can then be exported to:

Google Maps has a feature that allows you to draw a radius on a map. To use this feature, search for your desired location on Google Maps. Next, select the “More” option from the menu, and select the “Measure Distance” option. You can then draw a radius around your desired location.

To print and measure a radius map, you will need to follow these steps:

It is also possible to create a radius map manually by drawing it on a blank map or paper. To do this, you will need to use a ruler or other measuring tool to mark the radius around the center point and draw the map by hand.

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