Greek Roots

Greek Root: a-, an- Root: a-, an- Meaning: without, not Visual Representation: Word List: Achromatic Amoral Anarchy

Greek Root: amphi-, amph- Meaning: both, around Visual Representation: Word List: Amphibious Amphitheater

Greek Root: anti-, ant- Root: anti-, ant- Meaning: against, counter Visual Representation: Word List: Antidote Antagonist Antacid

Greek Root 4: ec, ex Root: ec, ex Meaning: out Visual Representation: Word List: Except Exclude Eccentric

Greek Root 5: en Root: en Meaning: in Visual Representation: Word List: Enact Endear Encompass

Greek Root 6: hypo Root: hypo Meaning: under, below Visual Representation: Word List: Hypocrite Hypoglycemia Hypochondria Hypotenuse Hypothermia Hypothesis

Root 7: Hyper=above/over Lubna Al Sindy Period 6 1.Hyperthermia-The condition of having a body temperature greatly above normal. 2.Hyperbole-Exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. 3.Hypertension-A state of great psychological stress. 4.Hypersensitive-Abnormally or excessively sensitive, either psychologically or in physical response. 5.Hypercritical-Excessively and unreasonably critical, especially of small faults.

Greek Root 7: hyper- Root: Hyper- Meaning: Over, above Visual: Word List: * hyperactive * hypercritical * hyperbole * hyperlink * hypersensitive * hyperventilate

Root #8 Peri = Around Ex: Pericarp (Around the fruit; the covering skin or shell) Ex: Pericardium (Around the heart) 1. Periosteum (Around the bones) 2. Perimeter (Measurement around a figure) 3. Perimysium ( Around the muscle) 4. Periscope (To look around) 5. Periodontal (Around the teeth)

Greek Root 8: peri- Root: Peri- Meaning: Around Visual: Word List: * perimeter * periscope * peripheral * perihelion * periodic * periodontal

Greek Root 9: pro- Root: Pro- Meaning: Before , in front of Visual: Word List: * profound * protect * program * prospects * prognosis *provision

Root #10: syn/sym: together, with, same Symmetry- same in size, shape, form. Synchronize- same operating time or rate. Sympathy- with feelings of pity for someone’s misfortune Synchronous- same time. Synonym- same meaning as another word/phrase.

Greek Root 10: syn, sym Root: syn, sym Meaning: together, with Visual: Word List: Symphony Symmetry Synonym Synchronize Symbol Sympathy Synthesize Synopsis Syndrome

Anthrop By Abbey Burkholder

Anthrop – man, mankind Anthropology- the social science regarding s tudy of man – origins and relationships Anthropoid- resembles man (as in mankind) Anthropopathy- attributing human feeling to god Anthropomorphism- attributing human form to the nonhuman

More ANTHROP just for Fun Anthropophagi: cannibalism

Greek Root 11: anthrop Root: anthrop Meaning: man, mankind Visual: Word List: Anthropology Philanthropist Anthropocentric Anthropogenic Anthropoid Anthropomorphism

Root #11 Phil-,Love Philosophy: The love of knowledge Philanthropy: The love of other humans welfare Philharmonic: The love of harmony Philology: The love of studying Philological: The love of logic

Greek Root 12: phil Root: phil Meaning: love Visual: Word List: Philanthropist Philosophy Philanderer Philharmonic Philology

Root # 13 Mis, miso –hate or bad Miscarriage-bad pregnancy Johanna byers Mis, miso –hate or bad Miscarriage-bad pregnancy Misconception –bad/wrong idea Misarcy-hate for government Misodoctakledist-hate for practicing the piano Miscaphy-hate of tobacco smoke

Greek Root 13: mis, miso Root: mis, miso Meaning: hate, bad Visual: Word List: Misanthrope Misogamy Misogyny Misology Misoneism Misadventure Misunderstanding

Greek Roots #14 Root: Phon Meaning: Sound Words: Picture Words: Phonograph- delivers sound (music) Microphone- captures and releases sounds Symphony- creation of sound (music) Telephone- communication by sound Phonetic – sounds of the human language

Greek Root 14: phon Root: phon Meaning: sound Visual: Word List: Phonics Phonetic Microphone Megaphone Phonograph

Root #15 graph, gram= write, draw, record Graphology-the study of handwriting Autograph-something written in a persons own handwriting Graphic-written inscribed or drawn Grapheme-a minimal unit of a writing system Cardiogram-the tracing (writing) made by a heart monitor

Greek Root 15: graph, gram Root: graph, gram Meaning: write, draw, record Visual: Word List: Graphic Biography Autograph Photograph Geography Choreograph Grammar Diagram

Root #16 Scop, scept= Look at, examine Scepter-staff examined then hired by rulers Hydroscope- examine depths of the ocean Microscope- look at, examine tiny organisms. Telescope- examine distant objects Kaleidoscope-look at different patterns through a tube

Greek Root 16: scop, scept Root: scop, scept Meaning: examine, look at Visual: Word List: Telescope Microscope Arthroscopic Skeptic Speculate

Greek Root 17- Eu; good,well Eureka (An expression of triumph) Euphemize(refer to by means of a euphemism) Eulogy (Words of praise ) Euphoria (A feeling of well-being) Euphony(A pleasant sound ) Enharmonic(Producing per-fect harmony)

Greek Root 17: eu Root: eu Meaning: good, well Visual: Word List: Euphoria Eulogy Euphemism Euthanasia

Greek Rook: caco 1.Alexicacon- preservation against evil 2.Cacodemon- Evil demon/devil 3.Cacaerometer- Measures bad air or pollution 4. Cacoepy- wrong spelling of words 5. Cacoethes- A very bad habit

Greek Root 18: caco Root: caco Meaning: bad Visual: Word List: Cacophony Cacography Cacodemon Cacoepy

Mega,Megalo:large Megapod: Large footed Megalopolis: Large City Megadont: Having large feet Megascopic: Enlarged; Visible to the naked eye Megapodidae: A genus of a large footed bird

Greek Root 19: mega, megalo Meaning: large Visual: Word List: Megaphone Megabyte Megalomania Megalith Megalopolis

Greek root: micro=small Micro- meaning small Microcomputer: a small digital computer designed to be used by 1 person at a time Microbe: a minute life form Microphone: device converting sound waves into electrical energy. Microscope: magnifier of the image of a small object Microbiology: the branch of biology that studies micro organisms and their affects on humans

Greek Root 20: micro Root: micro Meaning: small Visual: Word List: Microscope Microbe Micromanage Microphone Microcosm Microbiology

Root #21 tel,tele,telo: far/distant Telescope-to look at an object far away Telephone-To talk to someone who is far away Television-to watch something with out you having to be there Telecast- to broadcast a program to tv Teleprompter-A device used in tv and movies to project the speakers script and is usually hid from the auidence.

Greek Root 21: tel, tele, telo Meaning: far, distant Visual: Word List: Telephone Television Telescope Telecommunication Telepathy

Arch/Archi Cara Galletta

Meaning If the word has an Arch or a Archi somewhere inside, then it will most likely have something to do with governing or ruling. It could either be written in the form of a prefix, suffix or in the middle of the word In Greek it is written like ἀρχή

Words with Arch/Archi An example of some words with Arch/Archi is Anarchy – a state of disorder due to absence of authority Architect – a person who designs structures and also supervises the construction of the building they designed. Oligarchy – a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution or any group of things Patriarchy – a type of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. Matriarchy – a system of society or government ruled by a woman or women

Greek Root 22: arch, archi Root: arch, archi Meaning: rule, govern, extreme Visual: Word List: Monarchy Anarchy Archrival Hierarchy Matriarch Patriarch Architect

23: Janet Gorostieta: Dem=People

Greek Root 23: dem Root: dem Meaning: people Visual: Word List: Democracy Demagogue Demography Demeanor

Greek Root 24 Gon-Angle/Corner Polygon: a figure, especially a closed plane figure, having three or more, usually straight, sides Goniometer: is an instrument that either measures an angle or allows an object to be rotated to a precise angular position Hectagon: a polygon of eight angles and eight sides Decagon: a polygon with 10 angles Diagonal: a slanting line running across a space

Greek Root 24: gon Root: gon Meaning: angle Visual: Word List: Polygon Hexagon Pentagon Gondola

Root 25 Gyn: women Gynoecy- The species of which females are only known Gynephobia- the fear of women Gynecoid- resembling a women Gynarchy- A government run by women Gynecology- the science that treats the diseases of women.

Greek Root 25: gyn Root: gyn Meaning: women Visual: Word List: Misogynist Gynecologist Gynarchy Gynephobia

Greek roots Baxter Ladd

Root: log

Meaning: Speech idea study

Words: Eulogy- a writing or speech to give praise Pathological- study of origin Monologue- a prolonged speech by a single speaker Logic- the study of a correct or reliable idea Log- to hold account of an event in writing

Greek Root 26: log Root: log Meaning: study, speech, idea Visual: Word List: Logic Biology Psychology Analogy Anthology

Root#27:Archea: ancient By: Calvin Mandelkow

Archaebacteria-microorganisms that are similar to bacteria in size and simplicity of structure but radically different in molecular organization Archaeometry-the research area where methods from natural sciences are applied to solve archaeological and art-historical questions. Archeopteryx- extinct primitive toothed bird of the Jurassic period having a long feathered tail and hollow bones; usually considered the most primitive of all birds Archeozoic- of or pertaining to the earlier half of the Precambrian Era, before 2.5 billion years ago, when the only life forms were blue-green algae and bacteria. Archeozoology-the study of faunal remains.

Greek Root 27: archae Root: archae Meaning: ancient Visual: Word List: Archaeology Archaic Archive Archetype

Greek Root #28 Hetero: various, different. Picture that defines hetero: 1.) Heterocercal: Having unequal upper and lower lobes of a fish’s tail. 2.) Heterochromatic: Several different colors or (in physics) wave lengths. 3.) Heterocyst: Cell found in the filaments of certain algae and in fungi 4.) Heterogamy: A state in which the flowers of a plant are two or more types. 5.) Heterosexual: sexually attracted to the opposite sex.

Greek Root 28: hetero Root: hetero Meaning: different, various Visual: Word List: Heterogeneous Heterosexual Heterochromatic Heterography Heteromorphic

homo: same, like Homophone – same sound Homogeneous – composed of parts or elements that are all of the same kind Homosexual – sexual preference to same gender Homozygous – having identical pairs of genes for any given pair of hereditary characteristics Homogenize – to make uniform or similar, as in composition or function Emma Peterson P.6

Greek Root 29: homo Root: homo Meaning: same, like Visual: Word List: Homogeneous Homosexual Homonym Homophobia

Root #30 Poly Meaning: many Picture: Examples: Polymers: many monomers By Eva Rettig Period 6 Meaning: many Picture: Examples: Polymers: many monomers Polygene : many genes Polynuclear: multiple rings in a compound Polywater: water containing many pieces of glass or quartz Polyzoic: habitat containing many species of living organisms

Greek Root 30: poly Root: poly Meaning: many Visual: Word List: Polygraph Polygamy Polytheist Polynomial

Word: Theo-Relating to God or deities Theolatry-Worship of God Theologist-One who is devoted to the study of religion Theomania-Mental illness where one belives they are God Pantheon- Building dedicated to all gods Theocracy-Government run under God

Greek Root 31: Theo Root: theo Meaning: god Visual: Word List: atheist theology monotheist theocracy

Angelica Salazar – Geo

Greek Root 32: Geo Root: geo Meaning: earth Visual: Word List: geology geography geometry

ROOT #33 MEANING heLIO SUN Heliocentric- having relation to the center of the sun Heliochrome- a naturally colored photograph Heliology- science of the sun Heliosis- sunburn or sunstroke Heliotrope- a plant which turns to the sun

Greek Root 33: Helio Root: helio Meaning: sun Visual: Word List: heliotherapy heliocentric perihelion


CHRONICLE: a factual written account of important historical events CHRONAPHOBIA: the fear of time CHRONOLOGY: the arrangement of events or dates in order of their occurrence CHRONOBIOLOGY: is a field of biology that examines periodic phenomena in living organisms and their adaptation to solar- and lunar-related rhythms CHRONOGRAPH: An instrument for measuring or recording intervals of time

Greek Root 34: Chron Root: chron Meaning: time Visual: Word List: chronological chronic synchronize anachronism chronicle

Renee Taylor Greek Root #35. Chrom: Color Chromascope. – An instrument showing the effects of color. Chromatic scale-A musical scale of many shades of tone. Chromosome-A tiny body found in living cells which controls heredity Chromatology-Science of colors

Greek Root 35: Chrom Root: chrom Meaning: color Visual: Word List: Achromatic Monochromatic Polychromatic


Greek Root 36: mono Root: mono Meaning: one Visual: Word List: * monotheist * monogamy * monarchy * monologue * monotone

Bi : Two Bicolored: Having two different color Biweekly: Happening every two weeks Bicycle: a vehicle with two wheels Biplane: an airplane with two pairs of wings. Biped: A two-footed creature Bimonthly: Happening every two months

Greek Root 37: bi Root: bi Meaning: two Visual: Word List: * bicycle * bifocal * bigamy * binomial * bipartisan * bilingual

Greek Root 38: tri Root: tri Meaning: three Visual: Word List: * triangle * tricycle * triathlon * tripod * triplet

Greek root word: Quad-four Lubna Al Sindy Quadratic-an algebraic equation of the fourth degree. Biquadratic- To the fourth power. Quadrennial-happening every four years. Quadrisect-to cut or divide into four equal parts Quadrilingual-to speak four languages Quadrecipes- group with four muscles.

Greek Root 39: Quad Root: quad Meaning: four Visual: Word List: quadrangle quadrant quadrilateral quadratic quadruple

Examples #40 Greek Root Penta The Greek root, “Penta” means five. 1. Pentacle; A five pointed star. 2. Pentacanthous; Has five spines. 3. Pentachord; An ancient instrument with five strings. 4. Pentagamist; One who has five spouses. 5. Pentagon; A shape with five sides.

Greek Root 40: Penta Root: penta Meaning: five Visual: Word List: pentagon pentameter pentagram

Greek Root 41: Meter Root: meter Meaning: measure Visual: Word List: altimeter speedometer pedometer seismometer perimeter

Root #42: cycl: Circle Cyclotron- an instrument used by physicists that accelerate particles in a “circle” Unicycle- one-wheeled or one-“circled” vehicle (Bicycle-2, Tricycle-3) Cycle- a period of events which “circle” back to an original state Cyclone- Great “circular” storm Cyclops- mythological single “circle” eyed giant Cyclic- in math: of or relating to a “circle”

Greek Root 42 Root: cycl Meaning: circle Visual: Word List: * bicycle * unicycle * cyclical * Cyclops

Path Abbey Burkholder

Path-feeling, disease Pathetic- feelings of pity Psychopathetic- mental disorder Aeropathy- sickness resulting in the change of atmoshere Gynecopathic- disease peculiar to women Heliopathy- physical injury from exposure from sun

Greek Root 43 Root: path Meaning: feeling, disease Visual: Word List: * empathy * pathology * antipathy * apathy * sympathy

Greek Root #44 Tox-, Toxic-, Toxin- Meaning: Poison Antitoxin: Working against poison Intoxicate: To put poison in something Toxoplasmosis: Poison from a parasite Toxicology: the study of the effects of poison Detoxification: make poisons less poisonous

Greek Root 44 Root: tox, toxic Meaning: poison Visual: Word List: * anti-toxin * toxic * intoxicate * detoxify

Root # 45 pan-all Panarchy-universal rule Johannah Byers Period 6 Root # 45 pan-all Panarchy-universal rule Panaced-a cure of all illness Pandemonium-wild uproar as if all demons were let loose Pancratic-knowing all subject Pandemic-relating to all people

Greek Root 45 Root: pan Meaning: all Visual: Word List: * panacea * panorama * pandemonium * pantheon * pandemic

Greek Roots # 46 Root: Tom Meaning: Cut Picture: Words: Ectomy- to cut or remove a particular part of the human body Microtome- a tool to cut material Dichotomy-to cut something in half Gastrectomy- a surgery to cut or remove part of the stomach Atom- the smallest part of an atom that cannot be cut

Greek Root 46 Root: tom Meaning: cut Visual: Word List: * atom * lobotomy * appendectomy

Greek Root: Derm=skin 1) Dermatology- the branch of medicine dealing with the skin and its diseases 2) Taxidermy- the art of preserving and stuffing animal skin 3) hypodermic- the parts under the skin 4) xeroderma- a disease when the skin becomes dry, hard, and scaly 5) Dermatologist- a doctor who specializes in the treatment of skin diseases

Greek Root 47 Root: derm Meaning: skin Visual: Word List: * dermatitis * dermatology * hypodermic * pachyderm

Pachy: thick Root #48 Acropachy-a thickening of the fingers Pachydactylous- having thick toes Pachyderm- a large mammal with thick skin Pachymeter- an instrument for measuring thickness Pachytene- stage of prophase where chromosomes shorten and thicken.

Greek Root 48 Root: neuro Meaning: nerve Visual: Word List: neurology neuron neurosis neurosurgeon neurocomputer neurotic

49: Allison

Greek Root 49 Root: bio Meaning: life Visual: Word List: biology biography autobiography biopsy

50: Jayson

Greek Root 50 Root: psych Meaning: mind, soul Visual Word List: psychology psychopath psyche psychic

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