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Population Geography

Population Pyramids Population Pyramid Types
Graphs that show the distribution of population by age and gender Types Rapid Growth Slow Growth Negative Growth

Rapid Growth Population is increasing

Slow Growth Population is slowly increasing

Negative Growth Population is decreasing

Population Pyramids


Match the pyramid to the City:
Lawrence, KS Unalaska, AK USA Naples, FL A B C D

Population Pyramid Questions
Which nation has a more stable pyramid? Explain using examples from the pyramid Predict: What will the population of each nation look like in the next 40 years? How do you know this? What can each nation do to help improve their population numbers in the future? Be realistic

Population Population Density Birth Rate Death Rate
The total number people per square mile Birth Rate Number of Births per 1,000 people Death Rate Number of Deaths per 1,000 people Population Growth Rate Percent of annual growth Doubling Time How long (years) it takes to double the population

Formulas (ugh … math) Birth Rate Death Rate
Birth Rate = Number of Births ÷ Total Population x 1,000 Example Number of Births = 134 million Total Population = 6.6 billion BR = 134,000,000 ÷ 6,600,000,000 x 1,000 BR = 20.3 Death Rate Death Rate = Number of deaths ÷ Total Population x 1,000 Number of Deaths = 55,242,000 DR = 55,242,000 ÷ 6.6 billion x 1,000 DR = 8.37

Formulas (more math …) Population Growth Rate
PG = Birthrate – Death rate ÷ 10 Example Birthrate = 20.3, Death rate = 8.3 Population Growth = 20.3 – 8.3 ÷ 10 = 1.2% Doubling Time DT = 72 ÷ Growth Rate = Years Growth Rate = 2.3% 72 ÷ 2.3% = 31 years

Demographic Transition Model
Stages of Population Growth

Stages Low Growth – High death rate with a high birth rate Ex: None
High Growth – High birth rate with a declining death rate Ex: India, China Moderate Growth – Low Death rate with a declining birth rate Ex: Mexico, Brazil, Eastern Europe Low Growth – Low death rate and low birth rate Ex: United States, Western Europe, Russia

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