In Atomic Heart Range 9 is a secret test site that can be explored for valuable materials and weapon upgrade blueprints. This location is quite difficult to get into, and inside it you will find various puzzles. In this guide, we will tell you how to find and open Polygon 9, as well as solve all its riddles.

How to find and open Polygon 9

How to kill a plant (puzzle with boilers and candles)

Head to the point shown in the screenshots below and go forward to a white structure that looks like an ice cream cone. Next to it, turn left and jump into the sewer hole to enter a half-flooded tunnel with many sentient plant enemies.

Walk forward and then turn left into another tunnel. Turn left, jump over the crates and take the first right passage if you want to find some materials and a blueprint “Flight of the Blade” for the pate. Otherwise, just run forward and go through the gap to get into the boiler room.

So, inside you will find 4 boilers that you need to heat up with candles (small yellow spheres) to kill the plant. First, go to the door (if you stand with your back to the hole from which you came here) and break it open by playing a mini-game. Once inside, look at the back of the room and you’ll find a box of candles.

Take one of the yellow spheres and insert it into the pipe in the same room. Then, using telekinesis, start leading the ball to any boiler through transparent pipes. Follow the same steps three more times to red-hot all 4 boilers and destroy the plant.

Where is the entrance to Polygon 9

Now you can return to the surface – to do this, go to the left passage, and then go down and enter the water mound. Swim to the tower on the left side, and then climb it using the lift. At the top, interact with the device to enter the video surveillance system.

Select the camera shown in the pictures below and open the passage that the interaction key points to. Then you can go down and go to the specified building. As a guide, you can use the statue of Lenin – the desired building is located to the left of it and looks like a barn.

Enter inside and go down the elevator. After descending, go right to save and set the skill “Polymer Throw” at Eleanor’s, and then go left and enter the office on the left. There you will find a device that you need to use a polymer jet on, and then hit it with Shock.

As a result, the door ahead will open, and you will finally be able to get to the test site.

Passage of Polygon 9

Inside this testing area, you will need to solve several puzzles by finding three boxes with blueprints:

  • Collimator – for weapons “KS-23”.
  • Pulse divider – for the Dominator weapon.
  • Electromagnetic polarizer – for Kalash weapons.
  • Ergonomic handle – for weapons “Pate”.

Next, we will take a detailed look at passing each test and solving riddles with platforms and valves.

First hall (puzzle with candles)

Go through the door and you’ll be in a spacious area. Climb down the ruined stairs and platforms, and then take the candle and insert it into the red slot to open the door ahead. Crouch down and enter the new room. Walk forward and turn left to find a bronze container with the first blueprint.

Climb down the stairs and press the big red button to open the door in the container that is in the water. Now return to the spacious area and jump into the water. Swim into the second container at a depth and pick up a new candle there.

Climb up and go into the room in front of the stairs. Here you will find two red slots – insert a yellow sphere into one of them. Now take the candle from the red cell behind the door and place it in the second socket (so that the door does not close, hold the ball in the “candlestick” near the passage). As a result, you will open two doors and you can go further. Once at the fork, go forward to find a blueprint in the chest Snowball.

Go back, turn right and press the red button to open the door to the water room. Return there, picking up two candles from the red cells along the way, and insert them into the slots on both sides of the gate. Thus, you will open the passage to the next location.

Second Hall (Ivy)

There are no puzzles to solve here, but you have to fight the Ivy mini-boss. We advise you to use various cold and fire weapons against him. It should also be the first thing to destroy all the plants on the walls.

After dealing with the enemies, break open the door at the other end of the room by playing a small mini-game. Go down the ladder and turn right. Here you will find a silver chest with the second weapon module blueprint.

Third Hall

Continue down the corridor and save. Then turn right and go down even lower into another spacious area. Immediately turn left, go to the very end, turn the camera up and shoot Shock at the red magnetic coils. The first platform will go down – stand on it and then shock the blue coils. Thus, you will rise and you can pick up the candle on the iron platform on the right.

Climb down and place the candle in the socket on the right wall. Then climb up the crates to the retractable platform in the center of the room and pull this yellow orb towards you. Next, you will need to throw it into another slot above, which will allow you to push the new platform out of the wall.

Go to the edge of the platform and pull the second candle. The platform will start to go into the wall, so you need to have time to jump to another platform. Having done this, place this sphere in the candlestick near the stairs. The last platform will appear. Now take out the first candle on the right and place it in the slot near the door to open it.

Move forward and enter the room to the right of the button to call the elevator. There you will find a golden chest with the last two blueprints. It remains only to call the lift and leave the underground complex.

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