Polygon 9 in Atomic Heart – a secret underground zone, access to which is not immediately available: first, Major Nechaev needs to explore the underwater collector and solve the problem associated with four boilers. During the study of the P-3 test site itself, you will also have to think about difficult riddles. Only in this way can one approach the examination of the Lutyagins.

The following is a detailed walkthrough of Polygon 9 in Atomic Heart: we tell you how to complete each puzzle that can be found in the underground location.


  • How to open Polygon 9 in Atomic Heart
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  • Walkthrough of Polygon 9 in Atomic Heart
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How to open Polygon 9 in Atomic Heart

In order to open the entrance to Polygon 9, P-3 must first penetrate the underwater collector and increase the temperature of the boilers. Below we will tell you how to do it.

Penetrate the underwater sewer

Get to the location of Polygon 9 and jump into the hatch. Left search green box, having previously destroyed the affected shoot, and exit to the first fork.

Another escape is fixed on the wall: kill it and go through forwardto harvest additional neuropolymers from enemies and inspect the yellow chest.

Return to the passage to the next area. Jump over the garbage containers. Fork ahead: to the right – access to shoots and loot boxes, ahead of – boiler room.

Caught in thermal shop, first destroy all enemies. Then go to the door with the magnetic installation. Use SHOCK and take the contents from the green chest. There is no point in further application of the ability: behind the laser grid dead end.

Return to the boilers. Approach the locked door and open castle with colored dots. Take the contents of the iron box and go into the room on the left. find container with candles.

Proceed to the passage of the puzzle with boilers.

How to solve the boiler and candle puzzle

Pick up the first “ball” and let it go through the pipe located next to the armored door. Turn at the fork right, then towards the boiler.

Take on the second candle. At the fork, turn into right side.

After – move the “ball” in a straight line until you get close to the boiler.

Move the third candle to left side thermal shop, and at the fork go down.

The last “ball”, just like the one discussed above, let it go left side, and then move forward, ignoring the forks, until you get to the fourth boiler.

Leave the underwater sewer

After solving the puzzle with the boilers, go to the room with the roots and turn right. Passing the door with piston lock, go to the next room.

There are no boxes with additional materials. Quietly leave the considered part of the location through the open passage. Down the stairs explore closetlocated behind it – you will find an iron chest.

Return to the open armored door. Move along the linear corridor, turning into rooms from time to time to inspect drawers and chests of drawers. Get to the stairs (there are boxes in the closet) and go up to the second floor. Go to the next armored door.

In room “014” enter polymer.

Thus, you will leave the underwater collector.

How to get to Polygon 9 in Atomic Heart

The location of Polygon 9 becomes available after interacting with activation camera. We’ll show you where it is next.

Activate the cameras

Having emerged from the polymer, swim to the tower opposite. Step on the elevator platform to go upstairs.

Interact with the device (default is “F”). Activate first camera.

Then – the second.

Find the entrance

By pressing the red button, leave the tower. Get to the square with the monument.

Nearby is a shed. Approach him. Entrance to Polygon 9 – an elevator cabin hidden in the indicated room. Go inside and activate the panel to go down to the underground area.

Walkthrough of Polygon 9 in Atomic Heart

Next, we will tell you how to get through Polygon 9 and solve all the riddles of this place.

How to solve the entrance puzzle

The first puzzle meets immediately at the entrance to Polygon 9. To solve it, you need a pumped skill “Polymer jet”. If it is not studied, visit the rest room and, preserved just in case, interact with “Eleanorto gain the skill (Polymer Throw section). Then return to the compartment with the riddle.

Search available crates. Aim the polymer jet at the vibrating object (default is “E”), and then – hit with SHOCK (key “V”).

Thus, open the passage in “Hydraulic test zone”. Get inside and go down. Get into the first room.

Hall number 1: how to solve the candle puzzle

Climb down safely using the ladder and crates. Take a candle and install it in the appropriate hole.

Wait for the gate to rise.

Enter the room with bronze chestfrom where you get:

  • chemistry (x1);
  • cartridges for PM (x6);
  • drawing “KS-23 – collimator”.

After leaving the room, go down the stairs. Turn right and go to the panel with the red button. Activate it and then go back to the room, where they interacted with the first candle.

Jump into a kind of pool and go deeper. Swim to the storage with an armored door and take another candle located opposite the bed.

Swim out and return to the room that leads to the room with the bronze chest. Install the matched yellow “ball” into the hole on the wall.

Now take out the candle that was used to open the gate. Install it in the second hole.

Take the gilded “ball” from the gate and insert it into the third hole.

Move on. In a room with metal blades, you can inspect an iron box (there is a chance to get a blueprint for a weapon “Snowball”).

Another passage, in turn, leads to the shop “Experiment”. Examine the racks, and then activate the red button located on the snow-white panel.

Leave the shop. Remove one candle and place it in the hole at the gate to open the passage to the pool room. Take another gilded “ball” with you, and then install it in another hole that supports the gate.

Go back for the first candle behind the pool room. Fix her position at the gate leading to “Assembly shop”. Then, take the second “ball” and set it next to the previously mentioned one.

Thus, open the passage to second hall.

Room #2: Kill Ivy

In the assembly shop, Major Nechaev will be met by Plyushch, accompanied by other enemies infected with mutated plants. First of all, we recommend dealing with the “support group” of the main enemy.

About the weak points of the boss and how how to beat ivy, told in a separate guide.

After dealing with the boss, open click piston lock.

Go down the stairs and clean out the silver Lutyagin. Get:

  • medium capsule with essential (x2);
  • cartridges for Kalash (x10);
  • drawing “Dominator – impulse divider”.

Leave the room and Turn left. In front is a rest room where you can save.

Next to the exit third hall.

Room 3: how to solve the puzzle with electromagnetic assemblies and candles

Move along the corridor: the path is linear and does not have any forks. Go down to the magnetic coil puzzle. Turn left and go to the first chain of electromagnetic assemblies. Shock the red coils to lower the platform.

Get on it. Use the ability again and go upstairs. Jump over to the metal plate and take the candle. Jump down.

Install the golden “ball” into the bottom hole. Climb onto the platform with the crates and grab the candle.

Throw it to the hole located next to the red magnetic assemblies.

Turn around. Take the second “ball” and jump over to another layer.

Install the candle in the hole located next to the stairs.

Thus, another metal platform will move forward. Move to the stairs, take the gilded “ball” to fix it in the hole next to the armored door.

After leaving the third hall, move along the corridor. Soon, exit to a free area with several forks: left – restroom, in the center — a panel with a red button and exit from Polygon 9, to the right – Lutyagin, where you can get:

  • dynamo (x1);
  • superconductor (x1);
  • metal parts (x3);
  • drawing “Kalash – electromagnetic polar”.


For the successful completion of Polygon 9 you will receive:

  • chemistry (x1);
  • cartridges for PM (x6);
  • medium capsule with essential (x2);
  • cartridges for Kalash (x10);
  • dynamo (x1);
  • superconductor (x1);
  • metal parts (x3);
  • drawing “Dominator – impulse divider”;
  • drawing “KS-23 – collimator”;
  • drawing “Kalash – electromagnetic polar”.

It is worth noting that most of the awards from various boxes (including those from the Lutyagins) randomized. The final loot from the chests of Polygon 9 can be changed if one of the previously listed recipes has already been studied.

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