There’s a new game out there that’s out in Steam and it’s Atomic Heart, and for those who want try it out for a cheaper price there’s also Game Pass!

The game is set in a 1950’s alternate universe USSR where the union is technologically advanced and there’s robots everywhere. From humanoid worker bots to flying drones and automated agriculture bots. The Utopia is here, until it wasn’t since there’s some traitors that make the robot go crazy.

Now it’s your job to fix the situation, find the traitors and beat up some robots along the way.

In this guide we’ll show you where to find all upgrades in an area!

Atomic Heart: Polygon 9 All Upgrades

There’s a lot of upgrades to be found in the different testing grounds or Polygons in Atomic Heart. All of them can help you go through the enemies faster in the game so it’s good to know how to find them.

This is how you find all the upgrades in Polygon 9.

First thing’s first is that you need to head over to the southern part of Polygon 9 shown above, there you’ll see a room where there’s a save point.

Just in front of the save point building is a hole in the ground.

Jump down and you’ll be in the sewers, now go straight then left then left again over a couple of crates, then go straight until you reach the boiler room.

In the boiler room is a locked door, go inside and you’ll see a whole crate of orange power balls. In the tutorial levels there was a room like this but you had to freeze the boilers, this time you’ll want to overheat them.

Place 4 power balls into the 4 boilers and they’ll explode, don’t worry you won’t get damaged!

Once the boiler room is a little bit warmer, go out and to the right to see a locked door, open it and go right and jump into the poly gel and into a tube that leads to the lake.

There’s a pier next to where you enter the lake, go up there and then go back to the village in Polygon 9.

Now you’ll need to go to the house with the node on top that lets you control the cameras and pick the camera shown below.

Once in control of the camera look to the left where there’s a statue and there you’ll see a button to press. This will open a door next to the statue that leads to an elevator that will send you to Polygon 9.

Once you enter the facility you’ll see a node that you can use Shok to open the door, the thing is once you do the door closes after a while.

If you have the Polymer Jet ability, you’ll need to put some foam under the node and then use Shok to keep the power on.

If you don’t have the Polymer Jet Ability, foam will already be there and you can use Shok to get past.

Once you enter the door you’ll enter the facility where there’s an orange power ball. Use that to open the gate shown below and go through it.

Once you’re through go to the first door to the left and there you’ll find the chest that has the first upgrade, a sight upgrade for the KS-23!

Now go out of the loot room and go down the stairs in front of it, then turn right and there you’ll find a button that will open the room that’s floating inside the Poly Gel.

Inside is a power sphere that you can get.

Backtrack and get the second power ball.

Remember the first door you opened with a power ball? On the other side is another node where you can place the second power ball.

With that, you can then take the first one inside, with that put both of them on the nodes shown below.

Once the doors are open go through it and turn right and there you’ll find another button that opens the door in the first area.

Now use the two power balls to open the other door to the new area and there you’ll encounter a boss room with a Plyusch inside.

Once the place is cleared at the very end of the room is a door with a lock, go through it and take the first door to the right and you’ll find another chest!

Inside is an upgrade for the Dominator.

Now go outside the loot room and go right, follow the hallway and take the first door to the right, then follow that path till you see a new room. Go to the left and look up and use Shok on the magnets on the ceiling.

This will lower the blue platform in front of you and you can hop on it, then Shok the ceiling again to raise you up where you can see a power ball on a platform.

Jump there, get it and jump over the fence to another power node.

On the other side of the power node is another power sphere, powering the nodes will make a platform. Alternate between the two until you reach the top of the platforms and use a power sphere to open the door.

Once you go through the door turn right then left then right to the final loot chest where you’ll find the last upgrade! An upgrade for the Kalashnikov!

Congratulations you now know to get this upgrade in Atomic Heart, now go out there and try to do it yourself!

Many thanks to WoW Quests for showing everyone how to do this, if you need more information on the subject then go check their YouTube video.

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