Polygon 8 in Atomic Heart is a closed secret location in the open world. Inside, you need to pass tests with electromagnetic assemblies and candles. After successfully solving all the puzzles, you can pick up a reward from gold, silver and bronze chests.

In this guide, we will tell you how to open Polygon 8 and go through. Read on to find out how to complete all challenges and unlock new weapon blueprints in Atomic Heart.

How to get to Polygon 8 in Atomic Heart

To penetrate Polygon 8, you need to activate the cameras and 3 Volan devices. One of the devices is located on a remote tower, and the other two are not far from the secret complex.

Activate 1 camera

Connect to the Volan device on the tower and activate the first camera. Key points are indicated on the map:

In the center of the location is the closed Polygon 8. Directly in front of the secret complex is a tall tower with a device.

The metal tower is hard to miss: it stands on a sharp turn in the main road that leads to Polygon 8. Activate the elevator, go up the tower and connect to the device (default key “F”).

A map with interaction points will open. You need to select the camera closest to Polygon 8, as noted in the screenshot. After that find among the trees activation label and enable it. Now you can leave the tower and find the next camera.

Activate 2 camera

The second Volan device is located on the roof of the main building Polygon 8. To find it, just follow the main road. There are several horizontal platforms on the front wall of the house: climb them to the roof of the porch of the building.

On the left there are several more platforms along which you can climb to the main roof. Here, at the very end, there will be the desired device.

After the interaction, the map will be opened. To activate, select the farthest left point, as shown in the screenshot. After that, find the label and turn it on.

Activate camera 3

The device for activating the third camera is located to the right of Polygon 8. Go past the trees, then exit to a cluster of working equipment and large metal containers. “Volan” is worth between drawersnear a lone tree.

On the map of the security terminal, activate the point that is indicated in the screenshot. Next, find the device interaction tag on the side of the road and turn it on.

Find the entrance

An elevator will open in the lobby of the building, on the roof of which the second camera was activated. On it you can get to Polygon 8.

Walkthrough of Polygon 8 in Atomic Heart

In the process of passing Polygon 8, you will have to fight with flying robots, so stock up on long-range weapons and ammo in advance. To receive a reward in each Hall, you need to overcome a special challenge.

Room #1: How to Solve the Electromagnetic Assemblies Puzzle

After exiting the elevator, meet the first fork:

A dead end with a room that has consumables. Passage to the rest room and Hall No. 1.

Having chosen the second road, there will be a fork further:

A room with a save machine and a regular chest. Experimental Hall №1.

We advise you to save the game, and then continue to explore the secret complex.

To pass this test, you will have to climb and cling a lot, as well as use Shock. Take the ability on the magnetic coils under the ceiling – this action will activate the moving parts of Hall #1.

Pull down the gray block with yellow beams as shown in the screenshot, then cling and move along the ledges in the indicated sequence.

Turn around and see the yellow beams on the gray crate on the right. They are slightly lower, so you can easily catch on to them. Then you have to jump onto the gray beam on the left, and then crawl to its opposite edge. It remains to jump onto the platform with a blue floor. The whole algorithm is shown in the screenshot.

Once you’re on the blue floor, jump onto the gray ledge. Walk along the side to the opposite wall, then jump down to the square platform. Now again use the Shock ability on a coil under the ceiling.

Jump down to the blue platform as shown in the screenshot. After that, you can climb higher and get to the exit from Hall No. 1. Next will be a fork:

Passage to Hall number 2. A bronze chest with a reward, crates of materials and a regular chest.

Bronze award includes consumables and blueprint “Asterisk – additional saw».

Hall #2: Kill the flying drones PCh-9

There will be another fork in front of Hall No. 2:

Lounge with vending machine. Path to the second test.

In order to get to Hall No. 2, go along the cars to the round hatch. After passing through it, you will find yourself in a huge room.

In this hall, you will have to fight with flying PCh-9 drones, as well as pancake turrets. After the enemies run out, it remains to climb the green metal containers to the stairs that lead to the fork:

Silver chest with a reward. Pass to the next room.

Silver reward includes consumables and blueprint “PM – Thermal imager».

Hall number 3: how to solve the candle puzzle

In front of Hall 3, on the left, there is a rest room. To proceed to the third test, go through the gap in the wall. Carefully make your way along the route indicated in the screenshot, and then enter the doorway.

There will be a split here:

Room with materials and a chest. Path to the third puzzle.

In addition, in the corridor you can go straight to the stop and go down, where the usual chest lies. To get to the final test go down the polymer to a round blue hole into which round candles fall from time to time.

After the descent, find the door, above which there are five empty cells. They need to insert 5 candles. Grab the ones that fall nearby, then use the action key to insert them into empty slots. It might not work the first time.but as soon as all 5 cells are filled, press the button in the adjacent box, after which the door will open.

To the left of the entrance is a corridor and a save room, and directly in front of it is a metal staircase. It leads to one empty cell in which you need to insert a candle. To find it, go through the door under the stairs. Next, climb the scaffolding and grab the candle.

After that, you can go back and insert it into an empty slot.

After a while, a moving platform with yellow beams will drive up. Hook to the closest one, then crawl to the left to calmly go down below. Next, carefully move to the side and jump to the yellow vertical pipe. The algorithm of actions is shown in the screenshot.

Turn left, there will be a wide wall with a complex of yellow ledges. Jump on the beams as indicated in the screenshot to reach the next scaffolding.

Jump down to the platform. It has an empty candle slot on the left. Walk along the boards, take the object, and then install it in the activation cell.

Another platform will come soon. Jump and cling to one of the gray elements with a red dot on the edge.

Turn left and you’ll see a lot of new climbable elements. First, drop down to the leftmost gray plates. Next, feel free to jump down onto the wooden boards, and then sequentially climb the three groups of gray elements, as indicated in the screenshot.

As soon as you are at the top, you will see a candle. Take it – it will set several platforms in motion. Once they stop, carefully place the candle underneath you on the glass floor.

Near one of the corners of the platform on which you are standing, there will be a yellow vertical pipe. Climb down it and jump down to the wooden platform. Next, climb the section of beams to the exit, as shown in the screenshot.

The output will be the last fork:

Exit to the surface, where they will wait two enemy robots. Passage to the golden chest.

The Gold Reward includes consumables as well as two blueprints: “Electro – Block energy-vampire” and “Swede – Blade».

Why Polygon 8 does not open [баг]

It happens that it is impossible to get inside the secret complex, because the elevator does not open: this is not a Polygon 8 bug. The fact is that you need to activate all three cameras and Volan devices. If you do everything right, then three green lights will be lit above the elevator.


As a result, for the successful completion of Polygon 8, you will receive:

Vodka x1. Chemistry x4. Superconductor x3. Energy module x2. Dynamo x1. Drawing: PM – Thermal imager. Blueprint: Asterisk – Additional saw. Blueprint: Electro – Block energy-vampire. Drawing: Swede – Blade.

Remember that most loot comes from chests. generated randomly. Therefore, the materials and drawings of weapons that fall out during the passage of Polygon 8 may be different.

We hope that the guide helped you find the entrance to Polygon 8 and pass all the tests in Atomic Heart. Remaining questions can be asked in comments. Read other useful Atomic Heart guides in a special section on the website.

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