In Atomic Heart Range 2 is a secret test site that you can sneak into to get additional resources and blueprints for modules. It is quite difficult to get into it, and inside you will find various puzzles with platforms and parkour elements. In this guide, you will learn how to find and open Polygon 2, as well as solve all its riddles.

How to find and open Polygon 2

Get to the tower shown in the pictures below. There, find the Volan device, interact with it and select the desired camera. Then focus on the bunker with the blue roof and press the “F” key to open the door.

Climb down the tower and head north to the blue-roofed mushroom-shaped building. Inside you will find an elevator leading straight to the test area – sit in it and go down.

Passage of Polygon 2

Inside this testing area, you will need to solve several puzzles by finding three boxes with blueprints:

  • Electromagnetic polarizer – for PM weapons.
  • Expansive converter – for weapons KS-23.
  • Thermal imager – for weapons “Kalash”.
  • Nozzle made of polymer alloys – for weapons “Snowball”.

Next, we will take a detailed look at passing each challenge and solving puzzles with mobile platforms, coils and parkour.

First Hall (rotating platform puzzle)

After going down, exit the elevator and turn right into the break room to create a save. If you go left and forward, then in the side room, look for a chest with materials. Turn left twice, deal with the robots and go through the open door to get into the first room with a puzzle.

Turn the valve once so that the green platform in front turns and you see an arrow pointing up on it. Then Shock the blue coils to open the steel door on the left.

Stand near the open passage and wait for a platform with a hole in the grate to appear – go along it to the other side to the second valve. Rotate it 3 times so that a platform with a green block and an arrow appears in front. Jump there, turn left, and you will get out of the first hall.

Go through the open door and turn into the room on the right to open the bronze chest for the first weapon upgrade blueprint. On the left there will be a rest room in which you can save. Now press the red button to remove the lasers and move forward.

Second hall (puzzle with platforms and reels)

Turn right and go up the stairs. You will find yourself in another spacious area. You will need to reach the red button on the left side. To do this, go down, stand on the red platform, lift the camera up and shock the coils – as a result, you will go up.

Next, jump to the blue area just below and hit the coils on the ceiling again to get up.

Now jump onto the metal platform in front and go down to the red row on the left. Hit the coils again, thereby raising your platform. Having done this, jump onto the yellow beams ahead and climb over them to the red platform on the left – the entire route is shown in the second screenshot below.

Shoot the coils on the ceiling again. As a result, the platforms will lower and you will be able to reach the red button on the side. Click on it and go up the spiral staircase that has appeared from the ground. Then jump to the red area ahead and electrocute the ceiling. Now jump onto the yellow beams on the right and climb over them to the blue area.

Further along the yellow beams, go to the far right corner and Shock the coils at the top. A red platform will appear ahead, along which you can climb up. After climbing up, turn around and hit the coils from behind so that the platform you’re standing on moves forward and you are near the entrance to the ventilation shaft. Climb into it, thus completing the puzzle.

Crawl down the ventilation, and then get out of it and go into the room ahead to find a silver chest with a blueprint. A little to the back there will be a rest room in which you can save.

Third hall (puzzle with platforms and coils)

Shock the coils on the gate to unlock the passage to the next area. Jump down to the blue platform in the left corner, go down even lower, hit the coils of the iron barrier, and then the ceiling, and stand on the blue platform in the right corner.

Shock the ceiling again to go up. Now jump forward and cross to the other side. Stand on the blue row and shock the ceiling in order to lower yourself a little. Jump to the platform in front, and from it – to the platform on the side.

Again, shock the coils on the ceiling, stand on the blue platform and hit the coils again. You should now be able to jump down the hole in the grate and reach the door.

Once inside, turn right and go into the office to find a golden chest with the latest schematics. Next, use the elevator and leave the test site.

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