Polygon 2 in Atomic Heart is a scientific complex that is ready to offer Major Nechaev three tests to complete. Diligence is rewarded with additional consumables, weapon blueprints, and recipes for various upgrades. Each riddle will require certain skills from the P-3.

From the guide you will learn how to get through Polygon 2 in Atomic Heart and solve all the puzzles that can be found in the secret zone.

How to get to Polygon 2 in Atomic Heart

The location of the science underground center becomes available after interacting with activation camera. Next, we will tell you how to get to the security terminal and open the entrance to Polygon 2.

Activate the camera

Get to the point marked on the map and go up to the security terminal. Press the interaction button (default “F”). The next goal is to find the camera responsible for the secret complex in question.

Connect to video surveillance (nearest left point, if you navigate the map). Activate login. If the interaction button is not displayed, then focus on red car and a blue-capped building.

Find the entrance

In order to get to Polygon 2, leave the platform with the security terminal. Go around the lake, climb the hill and go to the previously mentioned structure, which has a car.

Click on the red button to open Polygon 2. Enter the elevator. Thus, find yourself in an underground science center.

Walkthrough of Polygon 2 in Atomic Heart

Next, we will demonstrate how to get through Polygon 2, having dealt with all the puzzles.

Room 1: how to solve the valve and platform puzzle

Once on the lower floors, look to the right – you will see a rest room. A little further from the save zone is a vault with many crates and an iron chest: search to get additional consumables.

Then, go to the corridor leading to first hall. Destroy laboratory assistants (in the amount of 2 pcs.). In the next room hit with SHOCK electromagnetic assemblies in blue to open the gate.

Ahead is a rotating platform. Before passing over an unstable structure, pull the valve (1 time). When the “room” with two bored robots, one of which lies on the sofa, opens up to the review, run across to the opposite side.

Turn the second valve (3 times). Stop when a “room” appears, resembling a treatment room, with crates. Rack forms openings on both sides – go through one of them.

Thus, exit to the red wing. To the right is a room with bronze chestwhere you can get:

cartridges for PM (x7); superconductor (x2); drawing “PM – electromagnetic polarizer».

Leave the room and turn right (you can save in the save zone first). Click on the red button to turn off the laser grid.

Go forward. Soon you will find yourself in a spacious room leading to second hall. However, before proceeding to a new test, search the warehouse located on the left side of the corridor with a laser wall.

Hall #2: how to solve the puzzle with electromagnetic assemblies

The second hall is a puzzle with magnetic coils and moving metal layers. To solve it, follow the instructions below:

1) Shock the ceiling and jump to red platform. After turning right, get over to the blue one. 2) Apply electro-ability. Wait until you reach the next level and then jump over to brondeveri. Move to the “chain” of electromagnetic assemblies and use SHOCK on the coils again. 3) Walk along the path and hook on yellow ledge. Move to the left, to the end. Turn around and jump to another layer. 4) From it, move to the next ledges. Keep moving to the left. Jump over to the metal red platform. 5) Strike the magnetic coils with an electro-ability. Get to the red button and press it to raise spiral staircase. 6) Climb up it. Hit with a SHOCK and go down to the retractable layer opposite. Then move back to parkour zone. 7) Move to the left side, to the end. Turn around and grab onto another yellow ledge. Then for one more. 8) Climb onto the blue metal platform. The ultimate goal is a movable layer located at the inscription “Attention — signal».

9) Change to sustainable construction. Use an electrical ability. An electromagnetic assembly will appear opposite, thanks to which you can go to the next level of the location. 10) After moving onto a movable platform, turn around and hit the magnetic coils. Thus, walk up to the hatch.

Move along a narrow tunnel-like passage: there are no forks. Soon go to the room where you are silver chest. In addition to consumables, get a blueprint “KS-23 — expansive transducer».

Room 3: how to solve the magnetic coil puzzle

Stopping at the locked gate, apply the SHOCK on the electromagnetic assemblies to open the passage.

Once in the zone of electromagnetic fields, go down to the metal layer located next to the armored door. Strike with an electro ability on the assemblies adjacent to movable wall. After she drives off, apply a SHOCK on the ceiling and get over to the blue platform.

Use the electro skill again, then climb onto the stable structure. The next goal is to get to the “chain” of blue electromagnetic assemblies.

Shock the ceiling again. Get on the long path and run to another platform.

Jump over to the opposite side and use the electro ability. Thus, you can create path to the cellbehind which the passage to golden Lutyagin.

From it, in turn, you can get:

cartridges for Kalash (x15); power module (x2); chemistry (x3);
drawing “Kalash is a thermal imager”.


As a result, for the successful completion of Polygon 2, you will receive:

condensed milk (x1); cartridges for Kalash (x15); shotgun ammo (x5); synthetic materials (x5); power module (x2); chemistry (x3); cartridges for PM (x7); superconductor (x2); drawing “PM – expansive converter”; drawing “KS-23 – supersonic vibrator”; drawing “Kalash – thermal imager”.

It is worth noting that most of the awards from boxes randomized. The final loot from the chests can be changed if one of the previously listed recipes has already been studied.

We hope our guide has helped you get to Polygon 2 in Atomic Heart and complete all the science complex puzzles. Write to commentsIf you have any questions, the author will try to help. In the corresponding section of our website, follow the guides and walkthroughs for the Atomic Heart.

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