What is Pi? Maybe the “e” is silent in a pie. It could be the cost of three dollars and fourteen cents, with tax? When March comes around, we celebrate Pi Day on March 14 to signify pi day, which is (3.14) and also July 22 (22/7) too.

The other day, I overheard this at a restaurant. The father was teaching the meaning of PI to his son, it’s the circumference of the area in a circle. Then my son pointed to a guy who was coming by, he said.

“Like this one,” the son said.

It was an obese man who was round in the belly more like a circle and eating a pie. He laughs at us. He had a Greek letter on his shirt π . I know it’s a bad joke.

And there’s one more: If your alarm goes off at 3:14 am, then that’s a demonic problem in a paranormal or supernatural world – not a good sign.

Anyway, in Petr Beckmann’s The History of pi, the greek letter was first used for the purpose by William Jones in 1706, and it was an abbreviation of periphery and became a standard mathematical notation roughly for more than 30 years and today.

Pi used when someone wants to find out the area, instead of multiplying 3.14159265359. Just use the pi symbol on the calculator, and multiply some together and get the final results.

The value of PI is essential, especially if you are in NASA, medical field, computer science, and determining what career would you be in like a lawyer and Private Investigator – it has the initial of PI. We need to know what PI can be used, especially in measurement wise.

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