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“Annabel Lee,” Edgar Allan Poe Begin Date May 22 Due Date May 29 We will work on this in class only.

1.The author of “Annabel Lee,” Edgar Allan Poe, used writing as a way to express his feelings about difficulties in his life. Think about how you deal with difficult times. Create a document and write for 2 to 4 minutes about how writing can help you deal with difficult experiences.How might expressing your feelings be a positive activity?Now turn to a partner and share what you wrote. 2. Edgar Allan Poe lived a life as tragic as the lives he describes in some of his famous horror tales and poems. Research and list 5 to 10 facts about Poe’s difficult life that prove this statement and record them on your document. 3. Continue working and entering answers:Define rhyme,rhythm, meter, and imagery. 4.Read the poem “Anabel Lee” p. 598/599 in the blue literature book to find out what happens to the speaker’s loved one.What does happen? 5.Pick several lines from the poem that show imagery. What images does the poet use?What do you think these images might mean? 6. What difficult experiences was Poe most likely writing about in this poem? 7. Do you think writing this poem helped him get through that experience?Why or why not? 8.How would you describe the rhythm of the poem?What does the rhythm add to the mood, or feeling, of the poem? 9.The first 4 lines of stanza one has a rhyme scheme of abab.What is the complete rhyme scheme of stanza one? 10.Which words rhyme in stanza two? 11.One possible theme, or message of the poem is that love is powerful and everlasting. Identify three images that support this theme from the poem.Explain why you think the images suggest that love is powerful. 12. What is the relationship between the speaker and Annabel Lee?What happened to Annabel Lee? 13.How did Annabel Lee feel about the speaker of the poem?Support your answers with the details from the poem which is stating a line or 2 from the poem.

14. According to the speaker, why did Annabel Lee experience the fate she did? 15. To be idealized means “ to be made a model of perfection.” Do you think the speaker of the poem has idealized Annabel Lee?Explain 16.How realistic does this poem seem to you? Can you imagine a real life person experiencing the same thoughts and emotions as does the speaker?Explain 17. According to the speaker, what was the maiden’s only thought? 18. Where did the maiden live? 19. Why does the speaker think the angels sent the wind that came to chill Annabel Lee? 20. What brings the poet dreams of Annabel Lee? 21. When does the speaker see the bright eyes of Annabel Lee? 22. The poem’s speaker believed that Annabel Lee died because….. 23. The phrase “ not half so happy in heaven” is an example of what type of figurative language? 24. When Annabel Lee dies, the speaker is so grief stricken that every night he ….. 25.What is the theme of Annabel Lee? What evidence from the poem supports your answer? Read another poem written by Edgar Allan Poe. What is the name of it? What was it about? How is it similar and different from the poem Annabel Lee?

You are watching: (PDF) “Annabel Lee,” Edgar Allan Poe Begin Date May 22 Due Date … · 14. According to the speaker, why did Annabel Lee experience the fate she did? 15. To be idealized means “ to. Info created by GBee English Center selection and synthesis along with other related topics.