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What is Bend Loss ?

Bend loss occurs when fiber optics cable bends smaller than recommended fiber cable minimum bending radius or simply stated it is a loss induced by physical stress on fiber optics.

Effects of fiber optics bend on fiber optics performance ?

When a fiber cable is bent smaller than minimum bending radius, the optical signal within the cable may refract and escape through the fiber cladding.

Bending can also permanentlsy damage the fiber by causing micro cracks, especially during cable installation when pulling forces are to be expected. The result is known as bend loss: a loss of signal strength that may compromise the integrity of the data transmission.;

This type of fiber optics bend loss is called macrobending which can add up to to a significant to fiber optics performance.

Types of Bend Loss

There are two type of fiber optics bending losses.

a. Macrobending loss

Macrobending loss is referred to loss induced by physical stress inserted into the fiber optics itself.

b. Microbending loss

Microbending loss is caused by imperfection in the fiber optics internal structure might be due to manufacturing process or due to pulling method.

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