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A two-year distance MA in Geology is required. MA Geology is concerned with understanding the solid structure of the Earth as well as its processes of shape and change. Almost every aspect of geology is covered in this program, including minerals, rocks, climatic changes, sediments, and the evolution of life. It gives students geology knowledge as well as exposure to cutting-edge research areas.”

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Course Overview


A two-year distance MA in Geology is required. MA Geology is concerned with understanding the solid structure of the Earth as well as its processes of shape and change. Almost every aspect of geology is covered in this program, including minerals, rocks, climatic changes, sediments, and the evolution of life. It gives students geology knowledge as well as exposure to cutting-edge research areas.

Admission to this program is based on entrance exams or merit. The course fee may differ depending on the institution. Graduates are hired by the Geological Survey of India, Hindustan Zinc, Coal India, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, and other companies.

Eligibility: You must have a UG degree or BA or any other and previous education related to Geology and its concepts with a minimum of a 50% mark.
Duration: When taking this course via distance mode, students are taught over four semesters in a similar pattern to regular programmes over the course of two years.
Fee: The annual fee for the MA Geology distance learning course ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 36,000.
Career-wise: Geologist, Assistant Professor, Petroleum Geologist, Consultant, Seismologist, and Hydrologist are all career options in this field. These graduates earn between INR 3-6 lacs per year.

What is MA Geology?
The Master of Arts in Geology program is designed to teach students about the Earth and its processes. The MA in Geology system teaches concepts such as life and evolution, plate tectonics, and climatic change. Geology is the study of the Earth’s materials, organisms, structures, and processes.

Students also understand how any chemical, physical, or mechanical process can cause changes in organisms, materials, and structure over time. This course is critical because the better we understand our planet, the better we can plan for upcoming geological events.

MA Geology Distance Education Highlights

  • MA Geology Distance Education students gain a thorough understanding of the planet and its functions, which increases their knowledge of green sciences and technologies.
  • Individuals who want to broaden their perspectives on the world’s natural resources and add unique endowments in this sector are encouraged to apply.
  • Geologist, seismologist, research assistant, consultant in mining and coal industries, professor, agriculturist, and other top job roles can be obtained through this program.
  • This program is now studied remotely and online because most students prefer not to attend classes on campus, and the time period is also the same.
  • It offers a broader scope with fewer efforts and is recognised by the UGC and DEB, two accrediting bodies for Indian institutes.

Admission to the MA Geology Distance Education Program in 2023
After applicants have completed the registration process, the institution will select students for admission to MA Geology Distance Education. If students have any problems or questions about the course, they can contact our counsellors via the query form on the Mitauna Edutech’s website –

Our expert counsellors are available and eager to assist students in any way they can 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An applicant can apply for admission to the course if they have completed their graduation level course.

Eligibility Criteria for MA Geology Distance Education

  • A graduation degree in geology, such as a BA in geology or a BSc in geology, is required for this course. Students from any related field are welcome to apply.
  • Only candidates with a minimum 50% score on the previous exam will be chosen through the merit-based process.
  • Admissions are made without the need for an entrance examination.

Fee for MA Geology Distance Education
Tuition for MA Geology field study via distance learning ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 36,000 per year. Students must submit an admission fee to confirm their admission when they apply for a new position. Along with the tuition fee, there are some other charges.

Admission Procedure for MA Geology Distance Education
The following is the application procedure:

  • Open the Mitauna Edutech website, sign up, and then fill out the application.
  • When all of the details and supporting documentation are completed, you can submit and be registered.
  • You can also seek assistance by contacting Mitauna Edutech counsellors.
  • They will send a link to a fee submission form so that you can easily register.

MA Geology Has Many Advantages Distance Learning
Time adaptability: The distance MA program allows candidates to study at their own pace and time. This course allows students to choose their own classes and admission dates.
Low price: This course costs between INR 15000 and INR 36,000 per year. It is reasonably priced for students. They can easily afford to pay this study fee.
Earn while you learn: Students can earn money while taking this course. When they discover this course, they will have more time for their other activities.
Digital Classes: This course is designed for students who are unable to attend regular classes. They can do their homework online. All lectures are professionally recorded and candidates have access to them later.

MA Geology Distance Education Syllabus

Semester Subjects

Structural Geology

Mineralogy, Optical mineralogy & Crystallography

Igneous Petrology


Metamorphic Petrology & Thermodynamics


Geomorphology & Geotectonics



Micropaleontology & Oceanography

Ore Geology
SEM III Fuel Geology

General & Invertebrate Paleontology


Remote Sensing and GIS in Geology


Environmental Geology & Natural Hazard

Engineering Geology & Surveying

Mineral exploration & Mineral Economics

Elements of Mining & Ore dressing

MA Geology Distance Education Scope

  • Research assistants, agriculturists, geologists, college professors, mining consultants, coal/mineral industry consultants, and other positions are available.
  • India’s geology industry includes Hindustan Zinc, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Geological Survey India, Coal India, and others.
  • Almost all institutes in India offer and accept MA Geology Distance Education. With an MA in Geology degree, you can earn up to INR 02 to INR 03 lacs per year.
  • Geologists prepare and study world maps and analyse geologic data to understand how past changes on Earth may influence its future. They collect water and soil samples in the field, analyse fossil data in laboratories, and prepare scientific reports in offices.

MA Geology Distance Education Job Types

Students can move for the job after completing the course in the field that is mentioned below.

  • Production Seismologist
  • Professor/Asst. Prof/Lecturer
  • Project Manager
  • Geologist
  • Research Associate
  • Coordinator
  • Mining Manager
  • Manager
  • Customer Relations Officer


After earning an MA in Geology, one can pursue a career as a geologist. A geologist is a scientist who studies various types of earthly matter. If you want to discover the secrets of nature and have a keen vision, this could be the ideal career path for you. As a geologist, you will experience adventure as you work in various beautiful locations.

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