Ocean City Guy Wins Despite Baffling Final Jeopardy! [VIDEO]

Ocean City Guy Wins Despite Baffling Final Jeopardy! [VIDEO]

Ocean City’s Cris Pannullo pulled off an impressive third win despite the nearly incomprehensible clue Tuesday night on Jeopardy!

Our local guy dominated the night again while taking on Jacqueline Liao, an engineer from Pittsburgh, PA. and Sean Holloway, a software engineer originally from Kansas City, KS.

Cris started the night with two-day winnings of $63,379.

Going into Final Jeopardy, Cris, a customer success operations manager from Ocean City – who earlier revealed his professional poker past – was all aces with a massive $35,300, Sean with $7,400 and Jacqueline $800.

The last clue read: “Like the T-U-V in Tuvalu, this landlocked country has 3 consecutive letters in its English name in alphabetic sequence.”

All three contestants looked like deer in the headlights as they struggled to unravel the clue involving geography – figuring out landlocked countries in Asia – and the tricky wording in 30 seconds.

Jacqueline wrote down ‘Mongolia’, Sean wrote ‘Kyrgyz’, and Cris ‘Tajikistan’.

The correct response was “Afghanistan” Ken Jennings explained, as the ‘f-g-h’ are alphabetically chronological.

“You were in the right neighborhood with the ‘stans'” he told Cris.

The Final Jeopardy stumble cost Cris $15,221 and he ended the night with $20, 079 and a three-day total of $83,458.

As Cris heads for his fourth night as Jeopardy! champ on Wednesday, viewers are noticing how sharp he is.

One wrote on YouTube gushing over his performance: “I almost never make predictions like this, but I’d be very, very surprised if he doesn’t make it to 5+ wins.”

And another: “Yeah Cris is the best player we’ve seen in a while. Extremely strong knowledge base, great on the buzzer, and plays the game strategically.”

Watch the complete episode below if you missed it.

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