College Aviation Programs | Everything You Should Know!
College Aviation Programs | Everything You Should Know!

Nelson Aviation College adopts FlightLogger

We are excited to announce that we have recently been chosen as the digital software management and training system provider for Nelson Aviation College, located in Motueka, New Zealand. The college discovered FlightLogger through a referral from a current FlightLogger client, who spoke highly of the software’s benefits. When asked about what influenced their decision to choose FlightLogger over other aviation training management systems, the college stated that the support from day one was excellent, with clear information and a pathway for implementation. We are thrilled to be working with Nelson Aviation College and are confident that our software will enable them to achieve their goals of delivering consistent flight training while completing necessary administrative tasks in a timely manner.

About Nelson Aviation College

Nelson Aviation College is a highly respected aviation training institution located in the beautiful region of Nelson, New Zealand. Established in 1978, the college offers a wide range of courses including Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Basic Gas Turbine, and Instrument Rating.

In addition, the college collaborates with Air New Zealand to offer a four-week Airline Integration Course (AIC) that provides trainee pilots with a comprehensive introduction to the demands of a multi-crew cockpit and the systems and operations of modern turbine-powered aircraft. Successful completion of the course can lead to identification as a ‘Preferred Pilot’ by Air New Zealand. Moreover, the college provides an “Airline Interview Preparation” course that helps students develop the skills required to operate a large, complex aircraft in a multi-crew environment.

The simulator sessions help students overcome the surprise factor of stepping into a sophisticated simulator for the first time, allowing candidates to properly demonstrate their instrument flying skills. Nelson Aviation College has dedicated itself to providing students with the best possible training experience, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the aviation industry. The highly experienced instructors are committed to helping the students excel and achieve high pass rates in their theory exams, with an expectation that between 90-100% of students pass their theory exams on their first attempt. Graduates of the program can be found working in a variety of aviation careers all around the world, from crop spraying to flying heavy jets.

Studying at Nelson Aviation College comes with several advantages, including the excellent aviation climate in the region. The students benefit from few interruptions to their flying programs caused by bad weather, which means they can complete their training more efficiently. Additionally, the location at Motueka Aerodrome allows students to train in airspace with just the right traffic density – heavy enough to be realistic but light enough to maximize their investment.

The college is registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, allowing students to apply for a student allowance and loan for courses of twelve weeks or more. Additionally, it has been certified under Civil Aviation Regulations to conduct approved flight training that allows students to complete licenses in fewer hours. Nelson Aviation College recognizes the importance of flexibility when it comes to flight training.

The college offers theory courses at various times throughout the year and provides flight training on demand. This approach allows students to complete their training on their own schedule, with instructors managing a maximum of four students at a time to ensure that each student receives the necessary attention and guidance. The college has a range of Cessna and Piper aircraft types available, including the glass cockpit Piper PA-44 Seminole, three new Cessna 172 aircraft with Garmin NXi (new in October 2018), New Generation Cessna 172s, and fully-refurbished Cessna 152.

Nelson Aviation College experience with FlightLogger

‘’We were first introduced to FlightLogger through a referral from another flight school that spoke highly of their experience with the system. From the start, we were impressed by the exceptional level of support provided by the FlightLogger team, making the implementation process very smooth.

The clear and concise information provided allowed us to quickly understand how to use the system. Since transitioning to FlightLogger, we have noticed a significant improvement in our daily operations. Particularly, the quality control features have been invaluable in allowing us to quickly access and review programs and documents for auditing purposes.

Moreover, the software’s design has been helpful in achieving many of the Part 141 certificate requirements automatically. The messaging function has been particularly useful, allowing us to send safety-critical information to our students and instructors with read receipts.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with FlightLogger and would highly recommend it to our colleagues and friends. On a scale of 0 to 10, we rate FlightLogger a 10.’’

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