Program Overview

The Mechanical Engineering Technology program concentrates on product design through the study of concepts like:

  • Design principles
  • Troubleshooting
  • Engineering materials
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Machines

During this full-time associate degree program, you will learn about electricity and electronics, metrology, tool design, and more. Become qualified for multiple technologist positions, including product designer, CAD designer, R&D technician, and tool designer with this mechanical engineering technology associate degree.

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Full Description

Students at the Associate in Science level of the Mechanical Engineering Technology program concentrate on product design. They study the design of products by learning design principles, sketching, and problem-solving. Students also learn about the selection and scheduling of materials and machines, along with several production processes.

Students gain an in-depth understanding of electricity and electronics, metrology, products, production processes, and tool design measurements.

Design teaching emphasizes the latest computer drafting technology (CAD). Graduates could work in the design of recreational equipment such as wind surfers or bicycles, or possibly automotive design or even toy design. Product design can be an extremely exciting and rewarding career.

Every item that we buy today has been the result of a product design and development process. Today’s product designer works as a member of a product design and development team.

Cross-functional product design and development teams are responsible for bringing a product from initial conception to product launch when it becomes available to the public. They also work to continuously improve products after product launch.

Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Technology program prepare for several design and technologist positions on these teams, including positions such as product designer, CADD designer, tool designer, R&D technician, or manufacturing technician.

Graduates with an Associate in Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology are eligible to continue for a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Potential Career Opportunities

Students after graduation can take up roles as:

Mechanical Designer

Mechanical Engineer

Product Designer

CAD Designer

R&D Technician

Tool Designer

Manufacturing Technician


  • Can you get an associate degree in mechanical engineering technology?

    Yes, New England Tech offers a comprehensive associate degree designed to create future engineering technicians. You can apply for this college program after completing your high school education and learn key mechanics and engineering principles.

  • What kind of jobs can you get with an associate degree in mechanical engineering?

    Associate degrees in mechanical engineering can open up various professional avenues for you in the United States. This full-time program enables you to explore careers in engineering and technology subsets, with potential opportunities to work as a:

    • Product Designer
    • CADD Designer
    • Tool Designer
    • Engineering Technician
    • R&D Technician
    • Manufacturing Technician
    • Mechanical Designer
    • Mechanical Engineer
  • How long does it take to get an associate degree?

    You can complete the program in as little as 18 months. The college advises each student to complete their education and program requirements by taking the prescribed six-term curriculum courses.

  • Is an associate’s degree in engineering worth anything?

    An associate’s mechanical engineering program is worth a lot if you are looking at building a long-term career in the domain. Students of this program can find themselves employed in key positions like the ones mentioned above.

    Additionally, this kind of program and the courses taught therein can lay a solid foundation and set you up for further studies and advanced mechanical engineering training.

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