TravelTime is a very handy tool for working out how far you can travel in a certain time. It allows you to find areas you can reach by walking, cycling, driving or accessing by public transport in a set amount of time.

If you share your location with TravelTime you can view an isochrone map showing you how far you can travel using different lengths of time. For example, you can select to view all the places you could walk to within 15 minutes. TravelTime also allows you to search for venues and points of interest within your allocated travel time. So, for example, you can ask TravelTime to show you all the coffee shops within a 15 minute walk of your current location.

TravelTime also allows you to search from more than one location. So, for example, if you want to meet a friend for coffee you can enter both your locations and find the areas which you can both reach within a 15 minute walk.

TravelTime also now includes a new Radius Map tool. This tool allows you to draw a radius around any location. This allows you to quickly see any area which is a set distance from from your location.

You can use the radius tool to visualize how different a set distance from a point is to a travel time isochrone. Add a travel time layer to the map and you can directly see all the areas within a set radius which are reachable in your travel time. The TravelTime Radius Map even calculates the percentage of the area within your radius which isn’t accessible in your set time and the percentage of the iscochrone area which falls outside your radius.

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