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Literary Analysis “Annabel Lee”
The poetry of Edgar Allan Poe “Annabel Lee”

Brief Biography biography #!

Biography biography #!

Vocabulary Seraphs Highborn Kinsmen Sepulcher Dissever Covet

Literary Analysis Parts 1, 2, 3
Vocabulary and Comprehension Literary Terms and Elements Literary Analysis Essay

Comprehension Who is the author and when did he write this poem?
Who is the speaker in the poem? What can you infer about the speaker? Hoe does he feel? Describe his tone and how it changes throughout the poem. What is the setting of the poem? Why do you think Poe chose this setting? Cite the lines that inform you of Annabel’s death. According to the speaker, why did Annabel die? Cite the lines to support your answer. Cite the line that indicates the age of these two people. The speaker states that their love is stronger than what two groups of people? Cite the two lines that support this statement.

”annabel lee”


Comprehension Continued…
Where are the angels? Demons? Where does the speaker spend most of his time after the death of Annabel Lee? The speaker has great difficulty forgetting his love. Cite the lines that support this inference. What other names does the speaker use to refer to Annabel Lee? How does the speaker describe Annabel Lee in the last stanza?

Literary Terms and elements
Protagonist Antagonist Conflict (Internal and/or External) Describe Mood Tone

Figurative language What is the “wind” that kills Annabel Lee in the third stanza? What type of figurative language does Poe use when he compares the cause of her death to the wind? Poe uses several hyperboles to describe speaker’s love for Annabel Lee. Identify two (2) and explain what ideas Poe is emphasizing in each hyperbole. The central idea of this poem describes a love that lasts even after death. Which line from the poem best illustrates this idea? Theme: Two possible themes in the poem are “Lost Love” and “Everlasting Love”. Select one and cite examples from the poem that support the theme. Poem Structure: “Annabel Lee” is a narrative poem. Explain how presenting this poem in narrative form helps the reader understand it more clearly.

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