Extracurricular activities can be an important part of a CV. How can you list these activities effectively in your own CV?


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When you want to show off your skills and experience in a CV, there are many options available, and one interesting option is to include extracurricular activities. Whether you did them in high school, college or outside of school altogether, extracurricular activities can help you fill out your CV work experience section and showcase the type of person you are on your job application. Here’s everything you need to know about listing extracurricular activities on your CV.

It depends on the job that you’re applying for. A recruiter will be looking for extracurricular activities that showcase abilities and experiences that best match what the new job needs. get familiar with what each employer needs, look through your extracurricular activities and choose ones that show skills you’ll use at the job you’re applying for.

If you haven’t been involved in something within the last few years, it’s typically best to leave it off your CV. If you’re still listing a Student Council position 10 years later leaving school, this can actually weaken your CV, as recruiters wonder why you’re still listing these outdated experiences. However, staying involved in a specific activity, like a volunteer position, opens the door to continue including this experience on your CV.

Think of your teammates in extracurricular activities as coworkers. If you think they’ll give a good review of your experience and skill set, you can definitely list them as references. Don’t list only extracurricular teammates for references if you can also find professional references. It’s a good idea to find a variety of people in many different relationships so you can showcase your ability to relate to and benefit many different people in your life.

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